Monday, 31 January 2011

SAG Awards 2011 - Best and Worst

Ok so just some quick pics from last nights SAG Awards.

Overall, we weren't to overly impressed with the outfit choices. Some of them just seemed a bit flat.

But anyway, lets start with the bad first!

Jennifer Lawrence and Jane Lynch,

Both of these are just wrong. Jennifer Lawrence's outfit is far too bright with the black accents and the hair so doesn't work - everything about the look is not appropriate, but she's a newbie on the scene (I think she's in a film called Winter's Bone) so we can let her off a bit. Jane Lynch's dress is just the wrong, colour, material and style for her. She's clearly wanted to go more femine but gets it wrong in this one.

Nicole Kidman,

Obviously this fits into her usual style but just looks a little granny like.

Diane Agron,

The colour of this is nice and it could possible look better on someone else. But I'm not convinced on the hemline, accessorises and makeup choices for this one.

Christina Hendricks,

Some people will love this, but I'm just not sure. After how stunning she looked at the Golden Globes, i just find this a very strange look for her - sort of dinner jacket meets dressing gown.

January Jones,

Ok so the outfit, makeup and hair all work together, but I'm not keen on the shape or pattern of the dress. Once again a let down after the Golden Globes.

The Ok, but not wowed selection,

Natalie Portman,

Ok so she does look lovely in the dress, but once again I'm the same as the Golden Globes, it just doesn't wow. But congrats on another award!

Heather Morris,

This is a very pretty dress, but the colour just doesn't do much. She's kind of ended up looking all one colour. Although I think her hair and makeup looks great.

Lea Michele,

Love the simplified look after the Golden Globes gown. She's really pulled the look off well, but I do feel a bit underwhelmed as she is usually a bit more braver with her choices.

Julie Stiles,

I actually really like the simple look she's gone for here. It really suits her style and a marked improvement from the Golden Globes

Claire Danes,

Love this dress, just not keen on the makeup, hair or the weird decision to wear the belt. It so doesn't add anything to the outfit and if anything it just takes away for it.

Kim Kardashian,

love the colour and detailing really pop on this dress. She looks curvy in all the right places. The weird bedazzled boob though does draw a lot of attention to her top half, but if you've got it flaunt it lol.

The best.

Ok so this list is very small, as like I felt a bit disappointment with the outfits on show - a bit underwhelming.

Tina Fey,

Love the detailing and shape of this dress on her. Really shows off her figure and the colour is perfect for her. I'm not too keen on her hair but it does work for the dress.

And finally best dress of the night for me is Mila Kunis, in Alexander McQueen.

Everything works in this outfit. Love the pattern and the way it sits. Her hair and makeup matches perfectly! She just looks stunning.

Bring on the Oscars now!

January Favourites

I cannot believe that it is already the end of the month! I cannot believe how quickly January has gone, L has now only got just over 4 months to her wedding! As it's now the end of January we also though we would show you the items that have been our favourite's of the month.

Now the first thing that both L and I have been loving is the N Spa Angel Cake Bath Melt, now this is available from Asda or Nirvana Spa and retails at roughly £6. I love this stuff, its very thick and smell sweet just like angel cake. The melt is in a great sealed jar (which looks gorgeous in the bathroom) and what I tend to do is get a handful and put my hand then under the running tap.

We both cannot put into words how much we love the N Spa range, another fave of the month for L is the N Spa Hot Butter Fudge Bath Syrup which again can be picked up from Asda or Nirvana Spa for roughly £4.50. This is another great sickly sweet smelling bath item and a firm favourite for L's household. Also currently Asda are running some roll backs on N Spa range so check them out!

Another firm favourite for me is Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, this is a staple favorite for me and I love using it! I will do a proper review soon on it, but basically this makes me eye make-up lasts sooooo long without creasing. What more can I say? Oh maybe that you can pick it up in Boots or Debenhams etc and retails at £12.

Another favourite and recent addition to my eyeliner collection is my Topshoop Eye Khol in Pewter, which is £4 from Topshop. I love love love this eyeliner and I will be off for more shortly. You can see my post here for swatches, all I can say again is it glides on like a dream, it's really pigmented and lasts great!

I have two favourite nail polishes this month firstly Models Own Grace Green, I have a post on this polish coming up soon. This is a great nail polish to ease me into spring and out of dark nail polish. My second favourite is No7 Beanie which I picked up recently with the £5 off No7 voucher. Another great shade to add to my growing nail varnish collection.

Lippie wise my favourite has been another item I have picked up with the £5 off No7 voucher, No7 Sheer Temptation in Sparkle which you can see in my post here. I love a sheer sparkly lippie and this fits the bill especially with it's peachy/tangerine shade. And as an added bonus its has the texture and feel of of a lip balm....prefect!

Another new item this month which has settled lovely into mine and L's make-up collection is Benefit Bella Bamba. This is Benefits new boxed 3D blusher and its just gorgeous. You can see our post here on the launch event we attended for Bella Bamba. Its such a gorgeous colour and I have worn everyday since I got it.

Another favourite that I have just found is Bourjois Eye make-up remover, I bought this after seeing a review on London Beauty Queen's blog. After reading her review I knew I needed to give it ago and I have to say I haven't been disappointed. It retails at roughly £4.99 and removes my eye make-up (even waterproof) in basically 1 swipe! A full review soon.

Neals Yard Orange Flower Moisturiser, it has become L's absolute skin saviour! She has returned to using this moisturiser and has fallen back in love with it. But unlike most people she doesn't actually like the smell that much but she loves the effect on her skin by using it. This retails at roughly £22.20 for 100ml.

Prime Time Primer it is the only primer that keeps L's makeup at least looking a little like its still there after her 12 hour days. This retails at at roughly £14.

Benefit Benetint helps L on her ghostly looking days to make her look like part of the human race. It is also a firm favourite of mine as is soooo easy to apply but really makes a difference to my face when I apply it. This retails at £24.50.

This month we have also been loving our eyebrows that we had done at the Benefit Event, what do you think of mine?

Oh and on a side note L has been loving her magazine subscripion she had for Christmas. Its a great pick me up when you get home and glamour magazine is waiting for you!

What have been your favourites of the month?

Thank you

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Round-up of the Week

Hey, how is everyone?

Just a quick post on the round-up of our week (well two weeks as we were a bit busy last weekend to get a post up!).
This week I have been quite busy trying to juggle my new job, little one being at nursery and blogging. Its a particularly busy time at work at the moment but I got a nice treat I met James Martin and managed to get an autograph. Though he isn't as nice as I though he would be! I also got an autograph from Phil 'The Power' Taylor for my Hubby, for those who don't know he's 15 times world darts champion.
L has had a very awful week, she has been really ill most of the week and really busy at work. But it was all made better as she went to IMATs on Saturday with Giddy Princess. They had made their way to London on Friday and then took themselves off to IMATs. L treated herself to some lovely goodies and will do some posts shortly. I was gutted I didn't get to go but hopefully next time I can go.
This week on the blog we had:
Thank You

Eyeko London Lips in Knightsbridge

This is my first Eyeko product and I actually won it. I’d been looking on the site for ages but haven’t found anything I really wanted to get – although the Eyeko Cream does look amazing.

I won a Kiss Me Quick set from facebook – it include a Liptastik in Lip lover (I think – it wasn’t really me so I gave it to my sister), a Cherry Fat Balm and a London Lips in Knightsbridge.

I'm in LOVE with the London Lips, Knightsbridge is the perfect colour for me. It great to just apply throughout the day for work and it doesn't look too over the top.

Its a gorgeous sheer pale pink with a slight shimmer to it.

It goes on nice and glossy and isn't too tacky.

Overall - this has definitely given me the push to go and try some more of the products.

Any other recommendations, other than the Eyeko Cream?

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Beauty Blog Link Love

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Socialite Dreams is hosting a giveaway of socialite approved goodies!

Friday, 28 January 2011

Eyeko Nails

I have never actually tried Eyeko nail varnish, I have previously mentioned some Graffiti Pens I have had from there and we have previously mention some other Eyeko products here.....but I still needed to try a nail polish. I had been eyeing them up for a while but I will lucky to receive two of them with a Minty fat balm from Eyeko.

It's an odd story! I had entered a retweet & follow competition and Eyeko announced I had won but according to them I wasn't following. But my silly iPhone was telling me I was following, so I was really annoyed and sent Eyeko a screen shot of my phone so they could see I was following etc.Though I didn't win the actual prize luckily they were very kind and sent me two nail polishes and a Fat Balm.

The two nail polishes are Military Polish and Pastel Polish, you can more of the range here.

These nail polishes are super easy to apply and I used 2 coats for the Military but I did 3 for the Pastel as it is a bit more sheer. The bottles are quite small really and are £4.00, but you can get packs of 3 for £9.00. I actually like both these colours a lot more than I thought I would, I am not a khaki sort of colour normally but I really like Military it especially fits it with the darker colours I enjoy. But recently I have attempting to try paler colours and Pastel really fits well into my nail collection now. Pastel will be a great shade to take me into spring.

What I really like with these nail polishes is the brush, the thin handle makes it very easy to apply....which is always a bonus for me as I am rubbish! I liked these so much that i have since brought Petite from ASOS in the sale.

Are you an Eyeko fan? Have you tried any nail polishes, any recommendations to try?


Thursday, 27 January 2011

Golden Plum EOTD

Hey, I have been trying to be more adventurous with my eye make-up I tend to do the same look most days, so this is one of my eye looks from last week.
For this eye look I had used the plum shade from my Sleek Sparkle Palette (I love this palette at the moment). This palette is great I will use all the shades etc for the pink....that is totally not my colour.
Make-up used:
Face/ Base
Benefit Benetint
Lily Lolo Blush Away
Collection 2000 Bronzer
Sleek Sparkle palette
Barry M Eye Dust in 24

MAC Tanarama
I do quite like the finish especialy after adding Barry M Dust in 24 it gave it a more golden feel and a bit warmer.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Fearne Cottons Nails by Day

Today's post is on another treat that L got me for Christmas, we have both actually got this set now as L had it off her fiance for Christmas as well. The set is Fearne Cotton Nails by Day that contains 6 x nail varnishes. The set includes 6 colours a pale sheer pink, pale silver, fuschia pin, barbie pink, purple/lavender and green.

It took me two coats on all except the sheer pink which I used 3 coats to get a nice opaque finish. The colour choice is lovely in this set and it has really given me some choice now in my nail varnish basket....normally my colour selection is dark (oddly mainly navy).
The only probably I have encountered is that two of my brushes are bent,
I can still apply the nail varnish with the brush but I am still a little disappointed that this has happened.
I love the colours and they are really fun, I am really going to start to try out some more bright nails especially for spring!
What bright day nails are you rocking? Did you manage to try any of the Fearne Cotton Range?

W7 Nail Polish

K had previously showed you W7 cosmic Purple, which she picked up at the local Market stall back home that we used to go to when we were in school. They have loads of different basket with polishes in for different prices, £1.00, £1.50 or £2.00.

After my first trip with K, I went back a few days later and picked up a few others,
(Cosmic Blue, Pink Dazzle, Green Dazzle, Purple Pearl and Fluorescent Pink 2)

Cosmic Blue,

This consists of blue, green and silver glitter and only took 2 coats to get a very opaque look to it. This is obviously the blue version of K's and as she has stated previously I would highly recommend a top coats to tidy up the finish.

Pink and Green Dazzle,

These a both simple glitter polishes and in the picture I've applied 2 coats, yet for a good finish I still think they could use another coat. For the price, these aren't bad, but I won't be rushing to use them anytime soon.

Purple Pearl,

This took 3 coats to get an opaque finish and I still wasn't all that impressed. It looked a lot prettier in the bottle than on.

Fluorescent Pink 2,

This was actually purchased by the future step daughters. It's right up their alley - nice and bright! I actually loved the finish with this one. I got a nice streak free look with just 2 coats and the colour was very strong.

Only problem I actually have is that they smell really strong - not like any polish I've tried before. Strange.

We managed to pick these up for £1.50, however they seem to sell for around £3.99 to £4.99 on ebay.

I'm definitely going to go for another look in the £1.50 basket when I'm at home next.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

My Lovely Facemask Winnings...

Just a quick post really to show you my lovely winnings that I have received from Sherrie at Mirror Mirror on the Wall, I had won her giveaway with Montagne Jeunesse.
The prize came with some Pore Strips, Anti-Shadow, Anti-Wrinkle and Anti-Puffiness Eye Cools, they all come in this fridge cooler that fits onto a fridge shelf.

I was sooooo pleased with my prize as I have only previously tried face masks from the range, and loved them. So I was really interested to try these out!

So far I have only tried the Anti-Shadow eye cools and I loved them, so I will do a full review shortly. Have you tried any eye cools?


Monday, 24 January 2011

Topshop make-up.....My New Love!!

Well I have found a new love....Topshop make-up. I know I am late on to this but I don't always like ordering make-up off the Internet as I like to see it in person. And I don't tend to go into my Topshop often when shopping with little one and Hubby as my one isn't Pushchair friendly. But now I work in Milton Keynes I have been having a great shop on my lunch break. On one of my lunches last week I popped into Topshop and treated myself to some of their make-up bits.

I got an Eye Kohl in Pewter, Lip Polish in Lavender, Eye Crayon in Stardust and Nail polish in Cloud. The Lip Polishes retail at £6 and come in a little pot with a flip lids with a mirror inside. It is a lovely little pot I am not completely a fan of having to apply with my finger but the tub and colour are soooo pretty I don't mind too much. The Lip polishes also come in Truffle, Poetic, Rhubarb and Iced Coffee (I really like the look of Poetic as well), you can check out Topshop's other lip products here. Lavender is a gorgeous lilac, sparkly shade and isn't too sticky on your lips, I like the idea of wearing its with a grey eye look.

The Eye crayon in Stardust and is a lovely pale pink colour with lots of lovely glitter it in for shading and defining eyes. These retail at £6 and come in another 7 shades Woodland, Lazy Days, Satchel, Black Jack, Midnight, Cosmic and Orb. Stardust is quite pale but as I am very pale I like the colour on me, I was worried about how this would apply (especially the glitter) but it is very smooth and easy to apply. I loved this as soon as I put it on and instantly wanted to get some more colours.....BUT even though I applied mine using my UDPP this creased quite badly :( . I am going to try it again as I really liked it and would love some more colours! Check out the rest of the shades here.

I also picked up an Eye Kohl in Pewter, which retail at £4 and are available in another 6 shades Dragonfly, Juniper, Bolt, Frost, Coal, Petrol. This glides on very easy and is very soft, I love the colour and I have worn everyday since I have got it. And as this was £4 I am off to get Juniper (a deep purple) Bolt (Nay blue), and Petrol (petrol blue).

The last item I got was a nail varnish in Cloud, the nail varnishes are £5 and come in a choice of around 28 shades. I ended up choosing cloud, but it was so hard to choose a colour, you can check out the rest here.

I am so pleased with the nail polish, the handle makes it easy to apply and I used two coats and was happy with the finish. I really want to get some more of these nail polishes as I really liked how this applied and so far I have had this on for 2 days with little tip wear (I am not wearing a top coat).

I now have a big wishlist of other items I want from the range and I would love to try the eyeshadows. Has anyone else tried Topshop make-up? What are your favourites? Any recommedations?

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Mascara SOS

As the title suggests I need your help please!

I am in desperate need of a nice Brown Mascara, my eyelashes are blond and on the verge of see through so it can't be brown/black (it'll just be too dark). I have recently had my eyebrows tinted, which you can see here at the Benefit Bella Bamba Event so I especially need to get one I am happy with! I am going to look to get my eyelashes tinted in the near future but I am just a bit nervous.

I currently use a Collection Mascara in Brown or a Just for Redhead Ultresse Mascara in Ginger Cocoa. But I am not completely happy with either of these so I wanted to reach out and ask you guys which you would suggest. The Collection 2000 Mascara's formula is not that great and the brush is poor and the Just for Redheads mascara is a little too pale. I do have a Clinique Lash Power Long Wearing Mascara in Dark Chocolate, I do like the colour but it's a nightmare to get off my eyes.

Below are some options I have been looking at, as you can see I am totally lost;

My main options are:

  1. The Body Shop Super Volume £10.00
  2. TBS Divide and Multiple Mascara £10.00
  3. TBS Define & Lengthen Mascara £10.00
  4. TBS Waterproof Mascara £10.00
  5. JK Jemma Kidd Tailored Eyes Defining Mascara £10.25
  6. Topshop Mascara in Bitter Chocolate £8.00
  7. Benefit Bad Gal Brown £16.50
  8. BareMinerals Flawless Definition £16.00
  9. KorresColour Volumising & Conditioning Mascara currently £10 on
  10. RMK Separate Curl Mascara £18.45
  11. Illamasque Mascara £15.00
  12. MAC Studio Fix Lash £13.50
  13. MAC Mascara X £13.50

If anyone has tried any of the above Mascara's please could you let me know how you have got on with it and whether it is worth a try, we would both really appreciate it!

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Fearne Cotton Gloss Over It Set

So I got these for Christmas of the Fiancé – as you may recall he went a little Fearne Cotton nuts, and got me quite of few of her sets.

These are such cute colours and are all really wearable – would admit that for me the reds are probably not quite me, although I am trying to wear more darker shades.

My favourite colours are the 2nd and 3rd swatch in the picture – sorry none of them have names!



They definitely fit into my usual love of pink/coral shades and both look nice and natural on for work – always a plus with me! I haven’t found them to sticky ether with can happen easily with glosses. I just get a nice shine.

I also love the brush applicator but as you can see in the picture below they’re quite messy – shame really.

Overall I think this is a great little set and will definitely be getting lots of use.

£5 off No7 or Ruby & Millie at Boots....Yes Please!

As you are probably aware Boots are running their £5 off No7 or Ruby & Millie until the 30th January, you get one of these vouchers everytime you spend over £5 in store. I end up getting loads of these vouchers and sometime don't end up using them so this time I have actually picked up some new bits (I still have 3 vouchers in my purse as when you spend over £5, even with the voucher you get another one).

I wanted to do a quick post on these vouchers, especially for all you shoppers out there to see if you can made the most of them yet. I had spotted on Makeup Savvy this week a great post on how to make the most of these vouchers, you can check it out here. Fee mentions some of her favourite items to take a look at and gives a guide to the prices and her favourite colour choices. After reading her post I decided that this time I was going to take a proper look at the No7 range (make-up and face care) and get some bargains!

The first item I picked up was No7 Stay Perfect Nail polish in Totally Teal, these retail at £7.00 so with the voucher these are now £2.00 which is great. Totally Teal is a great shade and I had applied two coats, and was happy with the finish. The Stay perfect range should lat chip free for up to 5days, I have had it on two days and so far its going well but I will let you know how I get on.I had never really looked at the No7 nail range but there does seem a great choice of colours so I will be going back for some more I particularly want Salsa, Damson Dream and Pink Grapefruit. There are also Speed Dry Nails which offer a choice of around !5 colours, again these are £7 (so £2 with the voucher), I am tempted by Beanie, Cherry Tang and Queenie. For the discounted price these are well worth a look.

Another item I have picked up is No7 Sheer Temption Lipstick in Sparkle, which retail at £10 (so £5 with the voucher). This is my favourite purchase in ages, it is more like a lip balm than a lipstick. It feels so rich, silky and soft on your lips but gives you an amazing sheer colour........I LOVE it!
I choose Sparkle which has a soft Tangerine shimmer finish which is gorgeous, I love applying the lipstick as my lips feel so moisturised once I have it on. I am going back to get this in some more colours. Online it shows there is 12 shades but I actually thought there was more in store, I particularly fancy Excite or Entice.
Lastly I got a toner from the face care range, mine is Beautifully Balanced Purifying Toner for Oily Combination Skin, this was £8 (so £3 with voucher). So far I have been using this for a week and so far I like it, its not drying my skin out which is a plus for me and most toners do (my skin is oily T-zone, dry and sensitive). I haven't tried many things from the face care range but I will keeping giving this ago and update you with how I get on.
Other items on my wishlist are the Eye make-up remover, some brushes, and Shimmering Lip & Eye Screen SPF30. Have you used this voucher yet? Any recommendation for purchases?

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