Friday, 30 April 2010

Lilac Heaven...

So I am seriously loving lilac at the moment. So much so that I have been on the hunt for lippie, eyeshadow and more than anything NAIL VARNISH. But alas, so far my search has been ongoing and the lilac nail varnishes I have purchase are nice, but not lilac (!?). I know!!! So annoying but they are more pink than anything and I have LOADS of pink nail varnishes already....

Anyway I have been lusting after this BarryM's 308 Berry Ice Cream (such a cute name) shade for aaaaaaages now - I've lost count the numerous times I have been into Boots and Superdrug in my small little "city" and seen that the shelves were bare (well of lilac anyway).

But today the sun has shone on me!!!!!! Yes, that's right I have finally found you sweet lilacy friend of mine. Can't wait to try on tonight!! So excited!! And I have already seen it on other girlie's blogs so I know I love the colour already.
I may just to a NOTD post especially though!!

Yay - New York nailvarnish - DONE.

~*Happy Times*~

From your ♥Giddy Princess♥

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Just incase you feel like a Body Shop bargain...

Tried to post this as the image I received but not sure how to yet.

Anyhoooo here a the link to Body Shop website to get their Aloe Soothing Day Cream for half price - not bad for £4.50! Enjoy...

♥Giddy Princess♥

Espadrille Lust

OK, so its official - I need a pair ofEspadrilles . Seriously.

For all of my life (well since I have been going on holiday and able to understand the concept of shoes being something to lust after) I've had a major "thing" for these shoes. It started in Menorca and given that I have been on numerous family hols there its a wonder I haven't bought any yet.

What I love though is that they are now available to buy here and becoming more popular. Yes ok, you could say that I am a follower and that if I had any sense of originality I would have bought them a long time ago, but if truth be told they were just too expensive. I mean who wants to spend like £30 on a pair of beach shoes when you are on holiday!?

Now that I can wear them all day everyday though its a different matter haha! Well, ok not everyday (I think I would get some very funny looks if I wore them to work) but certainly when rocking a pair of skinny jeans. Yay!

And now I am super excited because I have seen that River Island do them for £7.99, or if you want to "go wild" you could pay £12.99 for an even better shaped pair. Oooo which will it be..? I am going for a nosey today me thinks, just to try on of course...

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Giddy Princess's lunch time outing to Primarni!!♥♥♥

And here is what I bought! Yay! I love love love and have wanted for ages to get a pair of white skinnies - and today was the day. Haha - I posted this on MUA website today and someone asked if I was actually referring to jeans or people haha!!?? It was all in good humour and made me giggle!

But yes, I was talking about jeans and I just love love love them!!! They are for my trip to NYC really because I wanted something summery - although again referring to MUA - the girls there with the inside knowledge said its freezing there at the moment! Ah well - maybe for Caribbean carnival this weekend instead if weather keeps up!!

Top was £4.00 and is from Primark's "organic" range. I have three like this now and they are lovely to wear and hold their shape really well. Most of the t-shirts look a bit baggy I find, so I really like these because they are fitted and only four dabs!!

The jeans I keep going on about were only £8.00 too!! After seeing
Tali's post on golden summer must haves today I was tempted to also get a pair of gold sandals - but stopped myself as I already have a pair from last summer that will have to do for now!!!!


I bought three of these at £1 each - not bad right!?
These are to bring all my "toiletries" next week. When I counted how much I would be bringing just for beauty and hair regime there were 23 items!! Jeeeeeeeeez. Haha - but I need them all so it's only right I bring travel sized version!

♥Giddy Princess♥

Quick Update on the Pears Soap

Day 4 of the Pears Soap Experiment.

Still no dryness!!!

Had a few more blemishes by the time I went to bed last night, but got up again this morning and they'd gone. My skin is still feeling really soft and I swear my pores are still looking smaller (I may have been staring at them abit too much or I may just want to see a result but I honestly think I've seen a difference for the better)

This is amazing, I just hope it continues cos for 64p from Asda (or any supermarket/pharmacy), its such a BARGAIN!

- will keep you updated on progress!!!

L x x

Lunchtime outting to......

I absolutely adore Lush – it all smells so yummy and gorgeous!!!! Being the girlie girl that I am, I always go a little bit crazy when I go in hehe!

I only went along today to try out a few products at lunch with my friend but being the weak willed person that am I, I couldn’t help picking up a few bits – Colour Supplement in Light Yellow and Breath of Fresh Air Toner.

Firstly the Colour Supplement...

I have serious problems finding the right colour of foundation or concealer. I have a tendency to look orangey within about an hour or so of putting even the lightest shade on…….soooo not a good look for work haha! Now the idea is that this can either be mixed with your moisturiser, used as a base on it’s on or used on troublesome areas to cover unsightly blemishes. I really like the texture already - which i would describe as more like a tinted moisturiser than a foundation. It’s nice and light.

I’ll probably try it as a bit of everything and see which way I prefer using it to start with . I’ll review in more detail once I’ve had a good go with it (my sister has also picked this up as a possible solution to her wedding day makeup, so I’ll hopefully get her opinion on the product as well)

I also picked Breath of Fresh Air – Toner

I read this on a number of reviews now and in particular on Makeup Savvy, where Fee appears to be having the same problems as me with her pores. I have high hopes for this product as it does appear to have worked really well for people. Will let you know soon……..

On a complete and utter qirlie moment – OMG Lip scrub made with exfoliating caster sugar yum yum yum! They come in bugglegum, mint and chocolate and almond and chocolate yummy!
They’re completely edible!!!

I gave them all a go and I could get seriously addicted…..slightly concerned about calorie content though haha!

Check them out here


Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Note to self: Do not confuse mini straighteners with travel straighteners...

Oh how I wanted to be able to post about how amazing these straighteners are and that I will be bringing them to NYC in my suitcase next week instead of my heavy GHD's.

I won't be doing any such thing though.

Yes mini straighteners, you have failed me. Unfortunately they simply don't cut it. I mean don't get me wrong they are still cheap, but for me they won't be of any more use to me than straightening my fringe when I get into work if the humid/damp weather has made it go curly at the roots.

The problem with them was they just didn't actually straighten my hair! More flattened it for a split second. I can't help but feel a little cheated, but I think that's my fault for thinking I might actually be able to rely on them when I have obviously been using GHD's all these years for a reason!!

Would I recommend these straighteners?? Probably not in all honesty. Most of my friends also say they have unruly hair so if you have any kind of resistance to straightening in your hair these babies are not for you! Unless of course you want to bring them to work for quick touch ups (but don't get ahead of yourself - when I go out from work I will still be carting my heavy GHD's into work with me to use for touching up)

♥ Giddy Princess ♥

MUA at Superdrug

Now like a lot of people I was quite excited at the prospect of Superdrugs £1 MUA range, so when Giddy Princess and myself spotted it in our local store we were beyond thrilled!!!!

We both spent a purse friend £10 and I came away with the items below......

and for those of you who have counted by purchase....yes there is eleven. I couldn't help going back for the blusher hehe!


I picked up shades 4 pearl, 18 matte and 17 matte. The pigment in the first two are really good and shade 17 is just a nice natural beige colour. The stay quite well, although I do think that they could do with an eyeshadow primer if you want them to last longer than say the average working day. I don't really apply primer myself and I did find that I had lost a lot of the colour by mid-afternoon. For the price I would pick up these up again and will possibly try some of the other shades - although I would realistically only be using them for work everyday......which is fine given the price.


Firstly I apologise for my white freckly arm had to be done!!!

The blusher is shade 1 which is a nice pinky colour - its looks quite bright but it does go on ok (you dont look like you belong in the 80's!!). Been wearing this for a few days now - i do like this and I do think its going to be a product I use quite regularly.
(I do feel that I need to use a bit of my Benefit Dandelion powder over the top just as a bit of highlighter throughout the day).

Lipstick and Lip Gloss

I picked up a lipstick in shade 7 and the gloss in shade 3, both have a red/pink tone to them and I really love them both. I do have a problem with the lipstick as the texture is not that great (I'm not a huge fan of lipsticks anyway - I mainly wear gloss). It starts to feel bitty after a while and the colour doesn't have much staying power. I don't think I would be buying this again and it's not something I'm going to be using all that much as I would probably need to put a bit of gloss over the top of it. I do LOVE the gloss however, I found that its not too sticky and really like the colour once its on......definitely would purchase this again however.............

...the lid broke this morning!!!! How annoying!?! - it still fastens but its now a nightmare trying to use. Shame really cos I do think this is something I would be using everyday.

Overall I really wanted to love this range cos of the price but I think its really a case of you get what you paid for with a few of the products. I will properly only try some of the eye-shadows and lip glosses again.

I haven't yet tried out the nail varnishes...
so I'll review these later.

Has anyone else tried anything from MUA yet??? What did you think???

L x

Pears Soap

Now I’m having a bit of an experiment at the moment with my daily skin routine.

I fully admit that I’m realllllllly lazy when it comes to maintaining a skin routine – having only recently managed to train myself to taking off my makeup at night, cleansing, toning and moisturising. I know shocking!!

I only cleanse and tone occasionally in the mornings - but I do moisturise everyday!

Right now back to the experiment……

After reading a few reviews lately I’ve decided to try using Pears Soap in the evening to take my makeup off and general clean my face. Now, I know what you’re thinking – Soap???…....isn’t that going to dry you out. Well from what I’m read it doesn’t seem to have really caused that problem and at the moment I’m on day 3 of using it and if anything my face is less dry than usual. My skin has a tendency to look quite dry in patches on my nose (well I would say I have combination skin – which is also quite sensitive to certain products) - it’s therefore quite a weird sensation using soap.

However I’ve decided to give this ago as even though I’m in my mid 20’s I still suffer from spots along my jaw and on my chin – and not just at my time of the month, and a lot of people have commented that they have found Pears good at clearing up their spots.

Day 1

Now after using it on Sunday night I did feel as though my face was squeaky clean – which was a bit weird but didn’t really notice anything different to how my face usually feels. I then continued with my usual cleansing and toning routine.

Day 2

Now when I got up I’d noticed that I had broken out in a few tiny spots on my chin – although this weren’t really that noticeable under my makeup. I went home that evening and once again used the soap to take my makeup off before my usual skin routine (I’m currently avoiding my nose area as this is somewhere I get really dry skin and if all goes well elsewhere I’ll start to try it on my nose).

Day 3

I swear my skin looks better today – still no dryness which is amazing!!!!. My pores seem to be smaller as well.

I’m actually really excited to go home and use the soap again tonight – hopefully I’ll still be dryness free hehe!!

I’ll post an update on my experiment next week.

L x

p.s. Has anybody else been using just soap on their face?? How have they found it??

Forgotten Purchases...

Haha, story of my life - I actually forgot about two purchases I made today!! The missing two are Miss Sporty FABULOUS lash in Waterproof Black (I use this everyday as it is the only mascara that holds the inital curl from eyelash curling - all other mascaras are too heavy/wet and push the curl back down!) and Miss Sport XX Volume mascara in Waterproof Black - I have yet to try this but given it was only £2.99 I thought I would give it a whirl...

Anyway, more on that when I get around to it haha! Here are full purchases...

As you can see I have tried the BarryM nailvarnish in shade #293 "grey". LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!! Perfect for what I was wanting colour wise (just make sure you use two coats) and only £2.95!!

Go out and buy it now!!!!!

♥Giddy Princess ♥

......Continuation of Todays Purchases

Hi - this is L

As you know I went for a stroll around the shops at lunch with the Giddy Princess. I didn’t partake in the mini hair straightener’s purchase (although seem as I am seriously addicted to straightening my unruly, frizzy mane - I do think that these will be a future purchase.......ooooo and definitely in ♥pink♥Winking Smileys). Instead today I went a little crazy in Boots........

I picked up Boots Original Formula Vanishing Day Cream, Boots eye-cream (along with the trusted beauty obsessed sidekick) at the bargain price of £1.94, Collection 2000 Illuminating under eye concealer, Soap and Glory – The Fab Pore Facial Peel, Barry M nail varnish in 303 Bright Purple, Boots 17 Anti-redness correction stick, Natural Collection eyeshadow in White Opal and some new eye-shadow brushes.

I’m absolutely loving the Boots Original Formula products after a referral from my beauty obsessed pal, Giddy Princess. I’ve already picked up the Cleansing Milk and the Facial Tonic and I adore the vintage packaging which really cries out to me girly side ♥. Once I tried out the moisturiser, I’ll review the 3 products together.

I was also quite excited about purchasing the Soap and Glory – The Fab Pore peel. This may come as a bit of a shock but.............this is actually my first Soap and Glory Purchase. I know I’ve been a bit slow on trying this range, kept meaning to get something and give it a go but was never sure what to get. I’ve eventually decide to try The Fab Pore after reading a couple of good reviews. I’m really excited about trying this with the promise of minimising your pores (which is a serious quest of mine!) – Hopefully I’ll do a review on it in the next couple of days.

Monday, 26 April 2010

♥ Today's Purchases!! ♥

Hello again!!

Giddy Princess here on this (slightly duller than the past few) Monday afternoon.

Soooooo I have been out and about into town at lunch time and I have finally bought a grey nail varnish! Yay! Barry M to be precise. Whilst in Boots I also spotted a bargain eye cream at £1.94 or something so I have picked that up to have a try!

My favey purchase though are some fabulous mini travel straighteners I spotted last week in both New Look and Topshop. After much deliberation (and of course with the help from L) I decided to purchase the New Look ones today, basically because they were ♥PINK♥!! And at only £10 they have the potential to be an amazing bargain!

Now my ideal result would be that I can bring these beauties to NYC with me on my hol next week to keep lots of room for things I might buy when I get back, but I haven't tried them yet so I will let you know how I get on and whether they can tame my unruly frizzy hair!!!!

Reviews on all today's purchases soon dudettes!

♥Giddy Princess♥
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'A woman that doesn't wear perfume has no future' - Coco Chanel


This is D, the Giddy Princess, aka BittersweetKindaNew a beauty loving, crazy dancing, makeup obsessed girlie welcoming you to our blog - dedicated to providing you with an insight into our beautifully addicted to world of fabulousness!!

So its a wee bit late in the evening to be doing this but seeing as the blog is now up and running it would be rude not to!!! Hehe - beauty sleep is overrated anyway!

I love my makeup and beauty products and like anyone else out there have my problem areas. Given that I am pretty much addicted to finding the perfect products for myself it only seemed right that I started to review the products I buy and use alongside my equally weak willed shopping partner L!!

Soooooo primarily this blog will be reviews done by myself and L and to start off with here's a quick low down on shade #147 of the BarryM lipstick.

This lippie is a matte shade of a sort of peachy pink colour. It's quite a strong colour, although has cooler tones to it so whilst it looks very pink I would not say it was warming to my skin tone. I do however really like this shade. Here's a pic of the colour on me before I went to a charity event on Sat night...

Now I know you are probably thinking errrrrrrm isn't it supposed to be matte!? You are right, it is - which brings me to my next point. This lippie texture is just a little too dry for me. Within 5 mins or so I could feel and see it seeping into lines I didn't even know I had in my lips. I was therefore forced to apply the only lip gloss I had with me on top of the lipstick to inject some moisture(I was at the boyfys at the time) The lip gloss on top is really pale pink which caused the colour to become diluted hence the end result being what you can see!

Hmmmmm, I would definitely recommend this product because I think that I just needed prime my lips prior to application with a smooth none glossy lipbalm, but I would suggest also going for a slightly warmer tone if you have olive to tanned skin unless you are really wanting to make a statement and have a good bronzer! In my mind I think this shade could potentially look good on paler skin tones - it may be that L can review the product at a later date for comparison!!

So for now my quest for the perfect matte lipstick is far from over, I'm going to try some cheaper products first though before going to the MACs and Bobbi Browns. I have heard though that Rimmel do a really good version of the matte type lipstick anyway so I will just have to try that instead!

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