Tuesday, 27 April 2010

MUA at Superdrug

Now like a lot of people I was quite excited at the prospect of Superdrugs £1 MUA range, so when Giddy Princess and myself spotted it in our local store we were beyond thrilled!!!!

We both spent a purse friend £10 and I came away with the items below......

and for those of you who have counted by purchase....yes there is eleven. I couldn't help going back for the blusher hehe!


I picked up shades 4 pearl, 18 matte and 17 matte. The pigment in the first two are really good and shade 17 is just a nice natural beige colour. The stay quite well, although I do think that they could do with an eyeshadow primer if you want them to last longer than say the average working day. I don't really apply primer myself and I did find that I had lost a lot of the colour by mid-afternoon. For the price I would pick up these up again and will possibly try some of the other shades - although I would realistically only be using them for work everyday......which is fine given the price.


Firstly I apologise for my white freckly arm haha....it had to be done!!!

The blusher is shade 1 which is a nice pinky colour - its looks quite bright but it does go on ok (you dont look like you belong in the 80's!!). Been wearing this for a few days now - i do like this and I do think its going to be a product I use quite regularly.
(I do feel that I need to use a bit of my Benefit Dandelion powder over the top just as a bit of highlighter throughout the day).

Lipstick and Lip Gloss

I picked up a lipstick in shade 7 and the gloss in shade 3, both have a red/pink tone to them and I really love them both. I do have a problem with the lipstick as the texture is not that great (I'm not a huge fan of lipsticks anyway - I mainly wear gloss). It starts to feel bitty after a while and the colour doesn't have much staying power. I don't think I would be buying this again and it's not something I'm going to be using all that much as I would probably need to put a bit of gloss over the top of it. I do LOVE the gloss however, I found that its not too sticky and really like the colour once its on......definitely would purchase this again however.............

...the lid broke this morning!!!! How annoying!?! - it still fastens but its now a nightmare trying to use. Shame really cos I do think this is something I would be using everyday.

Overall I really wanted to love this range cos of the price but I think its really a case of you get what you paid for with a few of the products. I will properly only try some of the eye-shadows and lip glosses again.

I haven't yet tried out the nail varnishes...
so I'll review these later.

Has anyone else tried anything from MUA yet??? What did you think???

L x


kp_nuts2 said...

I love the colour of the lipstick and gloss...may give gloss ago. I have the eyeshadows in shade 11-pearl (its a shimmery choc brown) and shade 3-pearl (like a shimmery slate/grey colour). I love both of these so far :) I also have a glitter eye liner in gold which I LOVE.
So far I have found these to be great and will be goingback to look at more of the shadows. I do use a primer with them (benefit yellow aid)

Hannah said...

I picked up a few eyeshadows and lipglosses but after reading this - I need that blusher!! x

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