Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Vichy Normaderm 3in1 Cleanser and a play with Vine

So I've jumped on the Vine bandwagon and had a go a doing a little post.

I've discovered that I own around 8 facemasks that I haven't even used yet and added to that recently was the Vichy Normaderm 3in1 Cleanser, which was one of the samples in this months Glossybox.  It's a Cleanser, Scrub and Face mask all in one.  It's a "Soap-free, paraben-free and alcohol-free cleanser, scrub and mask suitable for use on sensitive skin including spots and acne-prone skin" and it helps the "appearance of imperfections, clears impurities and eliminates excess sebum".  So all round a great little cleanser, scrub or face mask really.

So here I am trying it out in my lovely relaxing bath, 

It's quite a thick creamy product with little grainy texture for the scrub, but not as much as you usually fine in a scrub.  It's goes on quite easily and after 5 mins I did feel like it began to dry slightly on my skin but without a tightening feel on my skin.  My skin is left feeling lovely, clean and fresh.  I actually used a little of the product initially to remove my makeup i.e. using it as a cleanser.  It removed my makeup easily and rinsed off quite well.  Good thing really as it's a green cream!

- Available from Boots - £11.00 for 125ml

My username is the same as my Twitter account - LatBeautyAddict if you want to check out Vine.

Feeling Dandy....

K previously showed you the Sugarlicious set and up today is the Feeling Dandy set - Perk me up...Lip and Cheek tint.  First off the Dandelion Box powder is my favorite from Benefit.  It was the first I discovered and it great when you need a pick me up.  I can apply all over or just over the top of my cheeks to brighten my complexion through the day.

What Benefit says about the set,
"Perk up with our "pink-me-ups" for a radiantly pretty look.  Our pocket-sized lip & cheek kit includes an iconic tint award-winning cheek colour luscious lip gloss and sexy highlighter so you can add a pop of colour to your look....morning, noon or night"
The set includes:

  • Posietint - a poppy/pink tinted lip & cheek stain
  • High Beam - luminescent complexion enhancer
  • Dandelion - a brightening face powder
  • Ultra plush dandelion lip gloss

The gloss is the only thing I haven't had a go with before.  It's a lot more coral based than the Dandelion powder, but works well as an everyday gloss.

The sets are £24.00 from Benefit Stores, counters and online.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Baking Goodies

Not only am I obsessed with all things beauty related I also totally addicted to baking.  It's so relaxing on a weekend to bake up some sweet little treats.  My whole family know how obsessed I am with it all so for Birthday and Christmas presents I tend to get an amazing selection of little goodies - this Christmas was no exemption!  With moving into our new house I was after some vintage look accessories for the kitchen and as usual my family didn't disappoint.

I got the gorgeous pink scale off my younger sister, which fits perfectly into my 50's vintage kitchen.  The Chicken Egg holder off my mum is perfect as well  and is much better than putting them in the fridge!.  K didn't disappoint with a vintage red skirt apron from H&M and Peggy Porschen's Boutique.  

Hopefully I'll be a bit more organised this year and share some pictures!

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Benefit Sugarlicious

Benefit Cosmetics always seem to get the products and specially their gift sets perfect and this is another great buy. Both L and myself are massive fans of Benefits products and you can see our other posts here.

Here's what Benefit say about Sugarlicious,
'Go deliciously nude…sweet & soft shades for a fresh, natural-looking glow. Our pocket-size lip & cheek kit includes an iconic tint, award-winning cheek color, luscious lip gloss and sexy highlighter so you can add a pop of color to your look…morning, noon or night.'
The set includes:
  • Benetint - rose tinted lip & cheek stain
  • High Beam - luminescent complexion enhancer
  • Sugar bomb 'sugar rush flush' face powder
  • Ultra plush sugar bomb lip gloss
As well as the above you also get a mirror in the top and a step by step guide of how you can apply it all.
I had not tried sugar bomb and I have to say it is lovely but it still won't beat my Bella Bamba, but the lip gloss version of the shade is such a great easy to wear colour.

The set retails for £24.50 from Benefit stores, counters or online.




Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Golden Touch....

Primark accessories are always a little hit and miss and most of the time I can never find anything and sometimes when I do they tend to break within a few weeks, however occasionally you find a little gem which just keeps encouraging you to keep going back and checking out the selection.  It's perfect for the current on trend accessories that you probably wouldn't be wearing in a few months, especially given the relatively cheap price.

So these two little beauties are a recent purchase from Primark.  The bangle is lovely and girlie and looks perfect all layered up with a pick and mix of bangles/bracelets or just a good on it's own. It also looks a lot more expensive than it was.  The watch is a lovely rose gold effect with diamante stones around the face. I absolutely love this!  I have a gorgeous Ted Baker watch but I'm always worried about ruining it when I wear it everyday so this is fantastic and I love the fact it's rose gold.

Watch £5.00
Bow Bangle £2.00

Monday, 21 January 2013

January Glossy Box - Detox Edition

Here is this months Glossy Box, which is the Detox Edition - so prefect after the Christmas binge! As usual the box has different options that could be included but below you can see what I had.

There is Sanctuary Spa Active Thermal Transformation Mask (full size £27.50)as Glossy box say, 'This mask is soothing to use and its results are instantly visible. It has 'detox' written all over it. If you are looking to dramatically improve the appearance of your skin without cosmetic injections, this intensely warming 2 step mask is for you. While results are instant, it is after 4 weeks of use that Invisible firms and refines to reveal smoother, glowing, more even skin and minimised fine lines and wrinkles.' I can't wait to try this out.

Next up there is Monu Renu Flash Relax mask (full size £32) 'a one-stop product for an instant detox effect, the Renu Flash Relax Mask provides an immediate boost for your skin. Ginseng and magnesium relax fine lines, while vitamins C and B5 enchanted natural radiance, while promoting the skins moisture balance. The best part: it's paraben free formulation means it is suited for even the most sensitive skin.' Another great sounding product and I love that its suitable for sensitive skin.

Vichy Normaderm 3in1 Cleanser (full size £11) 'Regulate your complexion with the Vichy Normaderm 3 in 1 Cleanser, Scrub and Mask, an all-in-one solution for oily skin.  When skin produces too much oil and becomes overburdened, clogged and imperfection-prone, it needs gentle care to make it feel fresh and comfortable again. The Normaderm 3-in-1 combined cleanse, scrub and mask action is made up of ultra soothing agents and deeply clarifying clay, making it perfect for even sensitive complexions.
The Normaderm cleansing cream reduces the appearance of imperfections, clears impurities and eliminates excess sebum.'

Premae Skincare Balance Rescue Face Tonique (full £27.50) 'A refreshing face toner for combination skin, this mattiifies and rejuvenated congested skin. With antiseptic lemongrass and sandalwood oil as well as hydrating rose water, this alcohol free, fragrance free solution will cut through dirt and excess oil to close pores without stripping skin of its natural oils, leaving your skin feeling fresh and plump.' I am looking forward to trying this as it sounds like it would be lovely on my sensitive skin.

Finally there is a Jason Lips Bee Healthier lip balm (£1.99) an a Glossy Box eye mask

Again this months box contains five samples to try as well as the eye mask. Though I am excited to try these out I was disappointed as my products were all covered in black bits off the packaging that is in the box.

I do get really excited about opening my glossy box each month to see what I get. But we both are a bit disheartened with them at the moment as you expect it to be high end products to try - yet the lip balm is £1.99 and I buy Vichy anyway. I think we both expect it to introduce you to products that are firstly new or high end. Though we both have found one or two products we love from the boxes, neither of us have repurchased anything yet.

Glossy Box is £10 a month plus p+p and is available at


Saturday, 19 January 2013

Beauty blog link love


Here is this week's beauty blog link love.

Amy Antoinette reviews YSL Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain in Fuchsia Intemporel - the perfect berry shade for winter!

If you enjoy drooling over all things luxe, head over to Makeup Morsels to read Part 2 of MM's Guerlain Place Vendome Palette Review.

Juli from Bun Bun Makeup Tips reviews 8 eyeshadows from Makeup Geek!

Gouldylox is being blunt: almost everyone at the Golden Globes was a let down. Check out the details on the one person who made an effort to wear makeup that looked complete.

Check out how SmashinBeauty'sIllamasqua's Broken Heart-inspired makeup look.

Everyone know that Jessika from polish insomniac loves syrup manis, but this time she has outdone herself! Check out her syrup glitter sandwich!

Beauty Info Zone considers themselves makeup geeks but the true Makeup Geek has dibs on the name so we're settling to be devotees of her amazing eyeshadows instead.

Contemplating getting a fringe/bangs? Read Hellcandy's 101 guide for some tips amp; tricks on how to keep your style looking sleek!

Jude reviews the latest product from Clearasil Daily Clear Vitamins and Extracts Scrub at Love, Lust, and Fairy Dust.

Christina the Glitterholic is ready to hit IMATS on Saturday! Check out her blog post and and links for live coverage of the IMATS.

Something new and exciting has landed in the UK! Hannah at Midnight Violets has all the info on the UK Birchbox (and tells you what's in hers!)

Jenny reviews the new ghd Gold Series Rich Ruby styler at My Funny Valentine.

Addicted to Beauty gets her bling on with the Body Rock temporary tattoos from Nail Rock. Who said tats can't be classy?

Vetiver perfume is the note that is explored at Perfume Posse this week. Head on over to their Comprehensive Guide and leave a comment to get entered in the drawing giveaway.


K & L


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Chocolate Cupcake...

As Lush state on their website 'Who wouldn't want to site around with Chocolate on their face?'

This is a facial mask aimed at oily teenage skin, but I find it works great at any age if you suffer from breakouts.  It helps to remove excess oil and calms breakouts.  It contains Rhassoul Mud which absorbs grease, cleans and soothes, Linseed which nourishes and softens the skin, Fresh Mint for toning
Cocoa Butter to moisture.

I tend to use once or twice a month when my skin needs it.  Apply all over and leave for around 5 to 10 mins.  I tend to wipe it off with a muslin cloth as I just find it easier. It's a great little treat for your skin.

Advice - it needs to be stored in the fridge due to the ingredients.

Haven't tried any of the other facial masks, so if anybody has any recommendations or favourites?

Monday, 14 January 2013

Sweet Snuggles

Yummy and delicious smelling hand cream that leaves your hands soft and hydrated.  It comes in a great little tube for 99p from Superdrug, which fits perfectly in your handbag or desk drawer  This is actually my second tube - had to repurchase when my last one ran out.  It's not going to blow you away but it's a great little product that does the job and is purse friendly.  I wouldn't be without it.

I got this just before Christmas but the last time I'd picked it up on the summer and I found it near the tills.  If you can find it, give it a go.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Lifestyle and Fitness change

I've previously mentioned that I've been on a diet since the beginning of last year and it's been going okay so far.  I'm consistently losing weight, however I really need to start moving more and making a really effort to get myself in shape and to my goal by the summer.

With that in mind, whilst scrolling through Pinterest and Tumblr - I've come across two workouts that I feel would be a great starting point for an all over body workout.

First up is Lauren Conrad's,
From - Lauren Conrad

and then the second one is from Becky of,

From -
The plan from Becky is different as it's a lot more of a lifestyle change as well.

Now these are the plans that I like the look off, but both sites offer a great selection of different workouts and tips for beginners to more advanced fitness freaks.

I'll let you know how I get on.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

It's a bunny it's a phone

Considering I turn the big 3 0 this year my little sister Hana got me the cutest, funniest phone cover for Christmas. She got me a Rabito case!
Please ignore the finger print marks in my screen :(
Its soooo fluffy!!!
It's so super cute and fluffy...but totally not practical to have on my of course I love it!
Not sure where Hana got mine from but you can start here.


Saturday, 5 January 2013

Beauty Blog Link Love 05/01/13

Want to look your best in 2013 but don't know where to start? Join Gouldylox Reviews'">beauty bootcamp and make this the best year yet!

Kim Porter has a thing for the IT Cosmetics Dual End Eyeshadow brush. Read her">review to see why.

A new year, a new way to wear you hair. See the">Verge Spiral Wand and what it can do for your hair on Beauty Info Zone.

Trying to keep track of a nail polish collection that's growing terrifyingly quickly? See how Angela does it">here at Do Want Makeup (and get a peek at her hoard!)

Cindy over at Prime Beauty is elated she found">DermOrganic Hair Care! Softness and manageability just might NOT be an oxymoron!

Are you bored with magnetic nail polishes yet? Don't write them off until you see the amazingly gorgeous">Barry M magnetic polish Anita has discovered  over at Pleasureflush!

This week Jessika from polish insominac fell in love with the Nicole by OPI">Modern Family Collection, and once you see it you will too!

Want to know how to get long nails in less than an hour? Check out Jenn from Spiced Beauty's">Bio Sculpture Gel Nails Experience! You will be amazed!

Love powder foundations? Beauty Reflections has a review of the new">Make Up Forever Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundation!

Jenny at">My Funny Valentine shows you how to fool people into thinking you have healthy shiny hair (when you really don't).

Thanks x

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