Sunday, 6 January 2013

It's a bunny it's a phone

Considering I turn the big 3 0 this year my little sister Hana got me the cutest, funniest phone cover for Christmas. She got me a Rabito case!
Please ignore the finger print marks in my screen :(
Its soooo fluffy!!!
It's so super cute and fluffy...but totally not practical to have on my of course I love it!
Not sure where Hana got mine from but you can start here.



Shasha said...

very cute <3

Michelle said...

Aww!! My friends have this case too, and they love it! It's super cute!

Anonymous said...

Cutest Case ever!! I love it. I need to get something more funky for my iphone! :)
LaceyLoves x

Melissa B said...

Omg! The tail is so cute! It makes me smile!

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