Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Another Magazine Freebie


Just a heads up about a lovely lipgloss I got free with this July's Red Magazine.

The lipglosses are by Jemma Kidd and come in 3 Shades, I got

Now I apologise for the awful picyure below I hadn't done my hair and I was still in my PJ's.
Witch Primer
Lush Jackie Oats Colour Supplement
Colection 2000 Lasting Prefection Concealer in Fair
Too Faced Blusher (from set)
Lily Lolo Blush Away
No 7 Masacara
Jemma Kidd Lipgloss

I also noticed that it seems like a more liquid version of 17 Beehive, they are quite similar.

You can purchase Red for £3.80.


Monday, 30 May 2011

FYI Regarding our Blog


It has been brought to our attention that our readers are unable to leave a comment on the blog.
We are trying to see if it is just Blogger having another issue or whether there is something we can fix. Hopefully normal service will resume shortly!

In the meantime if you wish to leave us a comment or have a question for us you can email us at beautifullyaddictedto@hotmail.co.uk or if you have twitter you can find us at @LatBeautyAddict or @kltaunt.


Sunday, 29 May 2011

Roundup of the Week


Hope you are all making the most of your Bank Holiday weekend! L has been getting everything organised and ready for next weekend. The big day is nearly upon us now on 6 days to go, then she will be Mrs Phipps!
We have also been making sure we are ready for next, the little one and myself had our hair done all ready for the big day.

We apologise for the lack of posting lately and will get back on track hopefully after the wedding! But here is what we have had on the blog this week:


image from www.weheartit.com

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Some Beauty UK Lovelies


How is everyone? How awful is the weather I hope it picks up soon as L's wedding is only a week away!!!

Firstly I'd like to apologise regarding the lack of posts recently, L and myself like to have a post up at least once a day. But with the wedding approaching fastly we have been struggling to do this. But normal service will resume shortly after the wedding.

Today's a post on some great bargain buys from Beauty UK. This has been a range that I always thought was cheap and aimed at teenagers in Superdrug or Select Clothing Store. The eyeshadow palette always looked nice but again I thought they would be more quality and not pigmented at all. But L as showed two of their nail polishes before here.

I had popped into our local Select store in Bletchley to look at the range we had in there and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. The was loads of nail polishes I wanted and I was also drawn to their lipsticks. In the end I purchased two lipsticks in Snob and In the Buff, and two nail polishes in Soft Pink and Blue Shimmer.

First up are the swatches on the lipsticks, these retails for £3.49 and come in around 11 shades which you can see here. The shades I got are Snob on the right and In the Buff on the left.
Snob is very much a blue toned pink and has quite a dull finish on the lips. I actually don't like this on my lips alone I have to put a gloss with it, and all in all its just not my shade. I much prefer In the Buff but again I prefer it with a gloss over the top. Though this is my preference as I am not a massive fan of lipsticks on their own that much. These are both very pigmented, the colour pay off is amazing and I am tempted to look at the other shades available such as Candy and Innocent. They are creamy and glide on well, you only need one swipe across, so are well worth the money!

Next up are the nail polishes I picked up, mine are from the Salon Professional range (they also do a glam nails range). These are £2.49 each and come in around 36 shades (the glam nails are £1.99 and come in 31). I eventually decided on Soft Pink and Blue Shimmer, I used two coats here to get the great opaque colour. They glided on well and were easy to apply. I am going to be stocking up on more of these from both ranges, the colour choice and price are great alone! But I actually like how they apply, L has tried two from the glam nail which you can see here, and was happier applying 3 coats but for the price I wouldn't mind.

After ignoring the range previously I now would like to try more from the collection especially the eye shadow palettes. Liloo from Le petite jardin de liloo shows some swatches and item from Beauty UK here, she has made my want to try out the Pearl eyeliners soooo much.

Are you a fan of Beauty UK? What products would you recommend?

Hope you have a great bank holiday weekend!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Bridesmaids nails...


So as you all maybe aware L gets married on the 4th of June and I will be one of her bridesmaids. As the date is approaching fastly I have been trying to get myself ready for the big event!

One thing L and myself have been thinking about what do do with our nails. L has finally made her decision (I think!) and likes the look which you can see here, but I can't decide. L has picked a gorgeous dress colour for us to wear so i would like something that would complement this green and the pink theme.

I want something that isn't over the top but not too nude but also not too boring...and I'm struggling. So I was thinking to either go with just E.L.F Innocent or George Witchcraft, or E.L.F Innocent with a so metallic tips.But then I found this Accessoirize nail polish for £4 yesterday and I really like the colour on, it is similar to E.L.F Innocent but has more of a pink tone to itI have applied two coats here and I have to say I normally like how the accessoirize nail polishes apply but this was rubbish to apply and I am not completely happy with the finish...very disappointed.

I am still not sure its the colour i will end up wearing! But I am tempted to try a brighter pink as L's them does have dusky green/turquoise, pale pink and a brighter pink, you can see her flowers here.

Has anyone got any suggestions of colours?


Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Wedding Nails and mixing polishes

I've been having some difficult deciding on a polish to wear on the big day (which is only in 11 days times - freaking out a little now!!)

I'm not a big fan of pale polishes - I've not yet found a shade that suits my skin tone and of course there is always the worry that it may look slightly like pink tipex on!

So after hearing that Kate had a mix of two colours for the Royal Wedding I thought I would try it out with a pale pinky/peach and pale pink I have (don't like either really on their own)

So I went with George No Excuses and Essie Yes we can Pink!

Now disappointingly the nerves have kicked in and my nails have paid the price!!

I used to regularly bite my nails but have stopped but the added stress has made me mess with them again - luckily I haven't bite them but they are so not at there best right now to photograph. So sorry just a thumb pic!

I've two coats of each - George, Essie, George, Essie.

I actually really like the combo - its pale and pinkie but not too Barbie or too Tipex.

Eventually I think I have a winner - only thing I'm going to change is the amount, I think I'm going to go with two coats of George followed by one coat of Essie

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Beauty Blog Link Love


Here is this weeks Beauty Blog Link Love.

Jellyminx presents a bronzer lovers paradise with her ultimate Bronzer Overview.

Missed out on the New York City Makeup Show? Have no fear, for Krasey Beauty has the scoop!

Over at The Pink Sith blog, Joeybunny brings you swatches of the new Dior Rosy Tan Eyeshadow Quint and makes a shocking confession!

Have you tried lining your eyes with traditional kohl/kajal? Kajal Couture did and she shows you how.

Can the cute and new Sephora Hello Kitty-Memoirs Of A Kitty Palette satisfy an ex-punk beauty junkie like Tracy at Beauty Reflections?

Amy Antoinette showcases the prettiest lip balms in her collection.

Beautywoome has found the best light alternative to foundation for summer!

Still a Sugarpill virgin? Beauty's Bad Habit shows you Lumi Chromalust, a pigment which will have you rushing for your credit card!

Lipglossiping falls in love with an eye cream that shows promising results... but like most things in life, it comes at a price!

The Lip Print faces her fear of orange to find this absolute beauty by Tom Ford - that man sure know's how to make a lipstick!

Looking for a perfect bronzer? Check the new Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder at Fleurissante.

Unique, unusual and different...find out what perfume Lady Gaga is currently wearing! Read Hellcandy's review of it here.

Tarte's new Amazonian Clay Waterproof Cream Eye Shadows arrive just in time for summer. See how they make eyes shine at Prime Beauty!

Love Chanel Mimosa but not the price? Find out how you can dupe it for under $10 on My Lips But Better.

Are you ready for summer? Anita reviews Guerlain's Terra Inca summer collection over at Pleasureflush.

AOYV ponders if Vasanti's Magic Liner really magical?

Mariella at Musing on Beauty has a play with the new Becca Halcyon Palette and tells it all.


Audrey Dao is giving away 3 Julep Jennifer Mani Care Sets, so you can get the perfect manicure!

Head on over to theNotice and enter to win Rae's "holy grail" face powder, a Canadian exclusive that's honestly just really, really lovely.

Have a great weekend!

K & L

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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Xen-Tan Pop-Up at Selfridges in the Trafford Centre

Find your perfect tan with Xen-Tan at the Trafford Centre from 29 May 2011 to 4 June 2011

I'm actually attending this on the 1st June so thought I would share

Both K and myself are very fair, but with my wedding creeping ever closer I thought it would be good to go and have a chat and have a consultation for my perfect colour.

I've never tried Xen-Tan before so I'm quite excited.

Anyone else attending?

The Return of....

Well girlies it's that time again!

Yes the No 7 £5 off Voucher is back, I got mine yesterday and its valid until the 19th June 2011. I have actually been waiting for this to come back out as I have a couple of items that I really want to pick up!
I have already used one as these came back at the right time for me as my No7 Lift & Luminate foundation had just run out! This is now my favourite foundation and uncharacteristically for me its a re-purchase, I will do a full post on it shortly. But it is £15.50 (£10.50 with voucher) and come in around 6 or 7 shades, you can see it here.

No 7 was never a range that I was drawn to, I always thought it was more of a mature range. But these vouchers have meant I have tried more of their products and though I am not a fan of their skincare there are items that are good from the make-up and accessories ranges. The range of make-up brushes are good and work out to good prices with the voucher. Also their nail polish may not be the best around but for £2 with the voucher I quite like to pick them up. But I have 3 favourite finds from the range which are are the Sheer Temptation Lipsticks (I love mine), Lift & Luminate Foundation (a high street brand that does my shade) and my Intense Volume Mascara in Brown.

You can see below for some of our favourite No 7 items and you can see here for our reviews.
I still have a small wish list of items to get this time round:

Are you going to be using this voucher? Any recommendations?

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Whats in my bag....

So I was rummaging around in the bottomless pit of my handbag for something the other day and I thought to myself - OMG there is far to much in here! I can't believe cart this around on a daily basis and usually have my lunch box in there as well.

So on that note, I though I would share with you what I found in my handbag - I skipped taking a photo of the approx 20 receipts I found!

I have the obvious purse, keys and phone. On top of this I have nail polish remover pads, Superdrugs shine control sheets, mini Insette hairspray with a hair band, Palmers lip butter, paracetamol, chewing gum, compact mirror and a cupcake pencil case full of lip glosses and
lip sticks.

I think the worst thing I cart around is the pencil cake. Seriously do I really need that many glosses and lipsticks. I'm so indecisive its unbelievable.

Does anyone else think they carry about too much?

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Beauty Storage Part 2


Here is Part 2 of my storage posts, for those that missed Part 1 see here.

The second part of my storage posts features my draw units that holds my actual make-up.

Now I got my two plastic storage units from B&Q from £12 and £8 I think. I am sorry but I can't seem to see them online to show you a link. I know they are not the prettiest make-up storage ever but they are a good size, easy to clean, and can be on my bathroom window sill without the worry of them getting wet. I was sooooo happy when I found them!

The smaller of the two units has two draws the same size and a flip-up compartment on the top.

This one tends to hold my make-up palettes and miscellaneous products. The flip-up compartment contains my go to moisturisers and eye creams. It makes this very accessible to easy to find the one I want to use.

The second unit has 4 draws, 1 big one and 3 smaller draws. I have separated this out to have:

  1. My face product such as foundation, blusher and concealer in the bottom.

  2. Mascara and eyeliners in the second from bottom.

  3. Eye shadows in the second from top.

  4. Lip products in the top.

I mainly only keep my go-to items in these draws I do also have a large make-up bags full of stuff I don't tend to use (I probably should look to sell these bits). But I do use most of the products that I store in here.

They are certainly not pretty to look at but I love them, they fit loads in and they are easy to maintain and clean. As I put my make-up on in the bathroom I was lucky that they are the perfect size for my bathroom window sill (it is quite wide).

Part 3 will be about my storage for bits such as face care and other fun items! I hope you like having a nosey at my storage, what do you use?


Monday, 16 May 2011

Simple FOTD

When I am doing my make-up for work in the week I tend to be quite boring with the choice of products I use. As I am usually in a rush I tend to use the same products most days.

I have decided to show you my go to face at the moment that I have been wearing to work. I am sorry for the funny expressions and fluffy hair!
The products I have used are;




What are your go to products?


Sunday, 15 May 2011

Round-up of the Week


How is everyone? We hope you are all having a loving weekend....though the weather hasn't been that good here.

L now only has 2 weeks and 6 days till her big day now so has been making the final preparations.
As you may have seen on the blog she has been doing little post of hair ideas and make-up inspiration as well as showing off some amazing cupcakes (L's making her own cake and cupcakes for wedding). You can see all our wedding related posts here.

I have reached a busy season in work at the moment, so I haven't done much else but work and tidy up at home. We are all a bit full of a cold as well in my household so we haven't felt like doing much. But I now need to start getting myself sorted for L's wedding as I'm a bridesmaid.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend, here is what we have had on the blog this week:


*images from www.weheartit.com

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Do you like it...


I hope everyone's having a great weekend, the weather isn't great today! I just wanted to show you a lovely O.P.I shade I have fallen for...Do you Lilac it.
I think it's a lovely spring shade, I applied two coats here and I like the coverage.


Friday, 13 May 2011

Beauty Storage Part 1

I had done a previous post back in December last year on my make-up storage that I had in my bathroom, I have recently just update a lot of this so decided to do another post. I have done the post in two parts, starting first with my nail polish storage.

My old storage was rubbish for nail varnish I couldn't fir them all in, I could never find anything in there and it had garb handles either side so they used to fall out of them....all in all rubbish. But I found this great box while shopping in Ikea the other day.
It retails at £3.05 comes with adjustable, removable dividers you can see more about it here.

Most of my nails polishes actually stand up in it such as Models Own, George, E.L.F, Barry M, 17, Rimmel etc. Unfortunately some have to lie down such as No & and OPI but again they fit well.

I have only got one box so far but I haven't been able to fit them all in so far so I need to get another 1 or 2 boxes as soon as!

Part 2 of the storage will be on my new make-up storage boxes that I found while D.I.Y shopping!

How do you store your nail varnish?


Thursday, 12 May 2011

Possible wedding nail polish...

Orly Nail Polish in Je T'aime

It's a lovely pale pink and perfect for a wedding polish. It's part of the Petite French range and I picked it up from Boots for £5.00 for a 5ml bottle.

It took 3 coats and it still wasn't fully opaque which I kinda liked but I just wasn't sure about the end colour. It's very pretty but just not really me. I'm not great with pale pinks.

This is my first Orly polish and I was impressed with the finish, which was nice and streak free which is great especially as it's not opaque.

Overall its a nice polish, just not for me. I'm still on the search for a wedding day polish!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

EOTD Sleek Paraguaya

OK so I'm a bit late to the party with the Sleek Paraguaya palette, but now I'm hooked.

I never thought I would be able to use the colours and although I love it, I'm not entirely convinced I can make all the peaches and oranges work as eye shadows but they are very pretty as blushers.

So here's my EOTD,

Products used:

From the palette:

  • Cameo and Persimmon as blusher

  • Sandstone over the lid

  • Stone in the socket

  • Bittersweet blended from the socket down to the lash

  • Bellini in the corner

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