Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Lily Lolo Mineral Makeup

So I'm completely in love with mineral makeup at the moment. Love the finish on my skin and I've discovered that its easy to match my skin tone as there is so much colour choice in most brands. One of my favourites is Lily Lolo, not only a great choice of products but also very reasonable.

What I also love about Lily Lolo, is that you can purchase samples of the foundations, blushers, concealers etc for 75p to £1.25. This is definitely the option I took - I'm always a bit unsure about new products, like most people, and it's very hard to judge colours etc without testing them first. The samples come in little plastic sachets, which are great but I did decide to empty them into little pots I already had as I found it easier to use.

Ok so firstly I picked up the following blushers:
  • Clementine
  • Ooh La La
  • Candy Girl - actually loved this one so much I purchased a full size tub along with some other items.

I also purchased a full size version of the
Blush Away - it helps to hide redness, blemishes and dark circles. I can not even begin to start to describe how much I love this! Its AMAZING. It hides all my redness and even works a treat under my eyes. I don't just use this with mineral makeup - I use it with everything.

I actually love all the blushers, which really surprises me as Clementine is quite peachy, but looks gorgeous on. They blend in really well and I NEED full size version of all of them ha ha. I have to admit my favourite is definitely Ooh La La - very wearable colour and looks very natural, very much the pinkest out of the bunch. Oh and really want to try
Rosebud and Rose Apple next - both look gorgeous.

The foundation and concealer are great. I get a very natural, flawless look which is perfect. I also find that mineral makeup gives a full coverage finish but so doesn't give the appearance that it does. The Flawless Silk Finishing powder just sets it all off perfectly. I never look or feel cakey.

Finally the Waikiki Bronzer, once again I have nothing negative to say. I love it! The website has a great selection of bronzers for all skins tones.

I've also got the
Large Super Buffer Brush which is lovely and soft (sorry no picture, I left in work over the weekend so didn't have it to photograph). Now I also have a Bare Mineral Kabuki brush, which sheds like anything - really fed up of it, but this is so much better, just couldn't recommend it more. I've had no shedding since I got it.

Overall - this is a fantastic brand. Its great quality, very reasonable and has wide choice of products and colours.

You so need to check it out especially if you're looking for a lightweight natural look, which doesn't lack coverage.


BeautyH2T said...

I am so dying to try this stuff and this review has made me want it more! would love to see some of those blushers on you maybe?

hope you are well, so sorry for the hold up sending your package will do it this week


The Girlie Blog said...

Great review!

Kirsty T said...

Thank you @The Girlie Blog

@BeautyH2T currently Lily Lolo have free delivery using code FREESHIP at checkout and you can get blusher samples for 0.75p and foundation for £1.25. Its ok about the parcel dont worry and L will get some pics up later with it on.

nicoletta said...

I love the Waikiki Bronzer. I only have a sample size but really should order the full size as it's gorgeous. It must be one of those bronzers that looks good on all skin tones x

Karla said...

I ordered loads fo samples a few months ago and love them! Trying to save some pennies so I can buy some full sizes xx

G said...

Great post.

Haven't tried mineral makeup. Off to order some samples now.

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