Friday, 12 November 2010

Search for a Gorgeous Red Nail Varnish

Right I have been on a hunt for a red nail varnish recently, now I do want it more red than burgundy and at the moment I am struggling to get a colour I love! Before I go and buy anymore I thought I would show you what I already have and a suggestion from L, hopefully you could help me.

Now again my photo's are not great and this post is a bit picture heavy. Also as I didn't want to keep taking all the reds off my nails I have used some false nails for the pictures (hate the staining).
Below are the reds I already have:

(l-r Rimmel Hot Gossip, Nails Inc/Diet Coke Milan, MUA shade 8, OPI The Thrill of Brazil, George no.53 Shock)

From the colours above, I would my fave is the George at Asda, as I really like the colour (with it being a bit darker). But below is each of the colours seperately

First up is Rimmel Wear Maxx in Hot Gossip, I have used 2 coats on the nail, the brush is easy to use and the varnish dried quickly. This is a lovely colour but I'm not sure if it suits my colouring very well, but I do like it as it has a slight sparkle to it as well. Also Rimmel tend to be one of my favourite polishes as I find they last well on me and the price is good.

Second is a freebie I got from Nails Inc with Diet Coke, the colour is Milan. Now I have to admit that I've not used this polish yet! I used two coats and I have to say it didn't go on great (I think that is down to the brush).

Third up is MUA in shade 8, this is from the bargain range in Superdrug. I picked up a couple of these polishes and so did L. You do really need to use 3 coats to get a nice opaque finish. Now I really like this colour as it is a bit darker than the first two but it is poor to use on my finger nails as it is a bit watery, I think I will keep for my toes.

Fourth up in a OPI polish I got about 2 years ago for a black and red themed night I went on. This shade is The Thrill of Brazil and I used 2 coats to get the lovely opaque finish. Now I love OPI for their colour choice and the fact that they are so easy to apply and I find I always get a nice finish with them, and they last well. Lastly we have another bargain polish from George (currently £1) in Shock. This again is not the best polish to apply but I did only use 2 coats for this, I love this colour as once again, its darker which I think suits me more and has a hint of sparkle which I love!!

So out of the collection I already have, OPI is definitely the best to apply but for me the George polish is the colour I prefer. What do you think?

Now L has given me a picture of a red she likes, this is from the Rimmel scented range in Cranberry. Now she likes the smell but I'm not sure about having a nail varnish that smells fruity. What are your thoughts? I do think the colour is lovely on her.

If you could suggest any colours/ranges to try I would appreciate it?


G said...

Love reds in winter.

I actually think the MUA and George ones are my favourite. Nice deep reds.


Kirsty T said...

Thanks for the comment. Totally agree the colours are soooo much better for this time of year as well.

liz said...

OPI always great, but if you want to try others, i pick nails inc london. Looks great too.. :)


those rich reds are amazing statement looks

Marie said...

I am loving the MUA and George... lovely ruby shades!:D

***** Marie *****

ShimmerDreamz (Cassie) said...

I saw your earlier post on Shock and it inspired me to dig through my own red polishes, since I can't get to Asda till when I get back home.

I really love Off With Her Red from OPI's Alice in Wonderland collection. It's a rich, ruby metallic colour that applies beautifully, like all OPI polishes. Revlon also have a few great reds, as do Jessica, but I can't remember their names. Jessica is such a great nail polish brand - their formula rivals OPI in my opinion, although their brushes are a tad smaller, but you should check them out!

How do you normally find Nails Inc? Mine are all freebies from the coke deal or magazines, and I find them horribly streaky, gloopy, hard to apply and easily chipped. However, I don't know if it's because the freebies are poorer quality, so would really like your opinion.

Kirsty T said...

Thanks for the heads up on Jessica nails! Not really looked at reckon it is one I tend to pass by without looking. I had seen the opi Alice polish it does look gorgeous.

I do think the quality is different on the free nails Inc polishes. So I would give them another go, but I have to say if I was to spend the money on a nails Inc polish I would probably get one from opi

Elizabeth said...

mmm smelly varnish sounds great!
giving me a lot of inspiration for my blog thank u!!


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