Sunday, 7 November 2010

FirstLight Cosmetics

A couple of weeks ago I won £20 worth of free makeup when FirstLight reached a 1000 followers on twitter. Obviously awesome - I'm loving mineral makeup at the moment.

So all I had to do was pick £20 pounds worth of their website.

Here's what I ended up choosing,

Firstly how cute is the bag - gorgeous!

I picked their Mineral Perfect Finish in Air Kiss, which is translucent. I love mineral finishing powders and as my Bare Minerals Mineral Veil was running out I thought it sounded great. This is want is promised,

"Made of the finest, lightest minerals, our “Perfect Finish” powder gives the airbrushed effect you've been waiting for! Dust over your make up to perfect your look & keep in your handbag to keep the shine off all day long. Perfect Finish works by absorbing excess oil and reducing the appearances of pores, imperfections and fine lines. It can also work as a foundation if you want a more translucent look"

Here's a swatch,

I swatched it a bit heavy to show the reflective qualities, its a lot lighter on. I LOVE this, it sits very well on top of mineral and liquid foundation. It just leaves you with a lovely glow effect to your makeup. I've decided that mineral makeup is my favourite. I really feel that I get the 'air brushed' look I want, but without the heavy 'cakey' look.

Secondly, I decided to pick one of their eye shadows. Even though I love mineral makeup, I haven't yet tried any mineral eye shadows. I played it a bit safe and went for Japanese blossom which is described as a peachy/pink.

Really like the shimmer in this, although its not very pigmented but its fine over my UDPP. Been wearing this loads for work over the past couple of weeks. Love it.

Overall I'm made up with my little win, I'm on a bit of a roll recently and this is definitely the best.

Highly recommend checking out their

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FunnyFaceBeauty said...

Awesome win. Congratulations. I love the bag.

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