Monday, 1 November 2010

Changes to the Blog

Ok so I'm making a few changes to the blog at the moment. I've had a really manic time this summer with family commitments and I haven't really felt like I was giving the blog enough attention and over the last few weeks I've felt as though its become a chore - which is not what I wanted at all. The whole blog thing was supposed to be a bit of fun.

So it order to get this all back on track, I'm making some changes!

I have an identical twin sister who's just as beauty product obsessed as me, called Kirsty, who going to start doing some posts as well. I'd like to say we're not the creepy type of twins ha ha, but we do have quite similar tastes and we usually look for the same things out of products.

So I hope that everyone can give her a warm welcome!

and you can follow her on twitter

Lindsey x
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