Friday, 19 November 2010

GOSH Grey/Brown Glamorous Eye Shadow

I just wanted to do a quick post on a fave eyeshadow of mine from GOSH, I had picked mine up from Superdrug for £4.99 (I think). The colour I got was 14 Gray Brown Glamorous Shadow.
This has become an everyday staple for me at the moment it is very easy to wear. As you can see from the swatch below it is not very dark but has a nice shimmer to the finish. I will quite happily wear it in the day or blended with darker colour at night.

I find the colour very similar to a taupe I like in my Cupcake Too Faced palette see here. So this is a good alternative for me to use as it looks like Too Faced have discontinued the palette. I do like it when you can find cheap dupe for products you like.

I don't think the GOSH product are particularly cheaper in Superdrug, especially compared to some of the brands they stock, but the choice is great, the packaging is also nice on their products.
This is my only purchase from the range but I have been looking at other items, have you tried anything? if so do you have any recommendations.


Sara.H said...

Thanks for the swatch :) the color is absolutely beautiful

samwells87 said...

I have some gosh dazzle dust pots and they are amaaaazing!

Lyuba-chan said...

I tried their newest foundations in Pearl and Vanilla shades, as well as their primer. I will be doing a review pretty soon comparing those two foundations.

Kirsty T said...

Thanks for the comments

@samwells87 I'll take a look at those dust pots

@lyuba-chan thanks for heads up I'll keep my eyes open

Lyuba-chan said...

Posted it! :) I'm a little nervous since it's my very first review post, but here goes nothing!

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