Wednesday, 17 November 2010

N.Y.C Metro Quartet in Chelsea Chic

Today's post is on an eyeshadow quartet I had picked up in the summer from Superdrug, I had got in it my wedding make-up search. I was really drawn to the pale turquoise and the taupe colour. But I have to say I have ended up using all of the colours.

N.Y.C isn't a brand I have particularly looked at before in Superdug, I see it all the time but i don't really look. My mum had actually spotted this set, mine is the Chelsea Chic version and it also comes in Broadway or Union Square. I particularly liked that it gave you and idea or how to apply each of the eyeshadow. And as this was £3.99 I have been looking online at other items I would like to buy at

On the swatches below the lilac and taupe come out quite pale, but the taupe comes out better on my eyes. I love the pale turquoise shade it will be a fave of mine for sure. I have mainly used the dark brown as a eye liner using my Eyeko magic eyeliner.

Only the brown and turquoise are highly pigmented the other two are pale, but I don't! I really like this palette and the eye looks you can do with it.

After liking this purchase I am going to next look at the nail varnishes which look like they have some nice shades. Have you tried anything from the range? if so what would you recommend?


ShimmerDreamz (Cassie) said...

I'm in love with NYC's nail varnishes. They're cheaper than Barry M but quality still fab! Easy to apply, big brush, not easily chipped. Plus some one the newer formulas are toulene and DHL (?) free.

Their mosaic wheels (eyeshadows and blushes) look really pretty though. Would you consider going for those next time? If so, I would love to know what you think.

Kirsty T said...

@ShimmerDreamz I will look at nail polish then! Not tried the mosaic wheels but I will have a look

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