Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Xmas Wishlist.......

So we thought seen as the two of us are now working on the Blog we would do a joint post, and what better post than our Top 10 Christmas Wish Lists from the high street.

Now as of today there is only 45 days until Christmas, so not that much shopping time left to go! The items we have chosen are just what will be asking for this year.

L’s Top 10 List:

1. Lauren Conrad book (£10-£15) – Just love L.C

2. Jamie Oliver's (£10-£15)- Jamie is a great cook and a bit yummy himself!

3. Urban Decay NYC Palette (£30 debenhams) – This looks a gorgeous palette.

4. Pink Louboutins- in my dreams haha, want them as my wedding shoes!!

5. Prime Time Primer (£15) – My favourite primer but running out.

6. River Island Bag - love getting a new bag for Christmas and my Birthday!

7. A Lindsey style Carrie Necklace – who doesn't love SATC

8. Perfume - one of my favourites

9. MAC lipstick in Snob

10. Sleek Bad Girl Palette

K’s Top 10 List:

1. Lauren Conrad Style (£10 - £15): I really want this book; I loved Lauren in The Hills and Laguna Beach.

2. Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals (£10 - £15): I have been watching these on C4 at 5.30pm since they started and I love cooking and so far I have wanted to make all the ones I have seen on the programme!

3. Too Faced Fairy to Go (£16): I absolutely love this palette and as I love my other Too Faced palettes and I think the colours are gorgeous in here

4. Strictly Fabulous Nail Varnish (Boots £16): I love this set of nail varnishes based on Strictly Come Dancing. You have 12 polishes spilt into 3 categories Salsa, Latin and Ballroom.

5. Ring: I would also love a big sparkly cocktail style ring, again I have seen a couple of styles I like. (River Island £14.99, Accessorize £16, Dorothy Perkins £15)

6. Riding Style Boots (Barrats £90): I really would like a pair of these for this Winter, I have seem a couple of styles I like, so hopefully I will get some soon.

7. Smashbox Wish for the Perfect Palette Gift Set (£69 Debenhams): I love the look of this and as it states on Debenhams website you could create hundreds of looks and it comes with a Get-the-Look insert as well.

8. Sparkly Shoes (currently £72 Office)– I would love some over-the-top sparkly/Jewelled shoes

9. Sewing Machine (£50 John Lewis): Firstly it is Pink! What is not to love and my mum is a trained seamstress so I can do a little bit so would love one.

10. Clutch Bag (Accessorize both £35): I have been naughty here and sneaked two in both from Accessorize but I love both J

Let us know if you've been naughty or nice this year? and What have you asked Santa for?


Georgia said...

I have the NYC palette and the pink sewing machine. Both are perfect! :) great post. Xxx

LatBeautyAddict said...

So want the NYC palette!


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