Friday, 19 November 2010

Mini Collection 2000 Haul

So I'm not sure if your like me, but when I walk past Collection 2000 I always think it looks cheap and especially in Superdrug everything thing except the testers have been opened and used.....why!!! It's a brand that always takes me back to being at school and just starting to wear make-up....definitely cheap and cheerful.

Well in Bletchley I have a small Superdrug that when I've been in there it always quiet and for once not everything has been used. So on my way back from Baby Gym with the little one I popped in for a look around and was drawn to the foundation.

Now L and myself both struggle with foundations as we are quite pale. L has recently got herself a Bobby Brown foundation to try in Alabaster and I have been using No7 Lift & Luminate in Alabaster. But it is very hard to find brands that do such a light shade, MAC don't even do one light enough for us :(. But I noticed that they did a Vanilla 01 shade that seems lighter than their Ivory 02, which I can't wear, I look orange. So for £3.99 I though hey why not!

Now as you can see I didn't just get a foundation I ended up with a blusher and a lipstick.

The foundation I got was Naturally Radiant in Vanilla and it was £3.99. I also really struggle with foundation as I really only like a light coverage so I end up just using tinted moisturiser a lot of the time or mixing my foundation with moisturiser. I do love my No7 Lift & Luminate but I do find it a bit heavy on my face. This foundation is suppose to give a light to medium coverage, and leave you skin enriched and illuminated, it has SPF15 and comes in 6 shades. I have taken some pictures on my hand with and without the flash.

I do like it so far as it s light and I like how my skin looks with it on, but I know what I'll end up doing is mixing it with my No7 foundation (I always find I do this), but I will see how I get on! The packaging is nothing to shout home about but for the price I don't mind.

The next item I got was a lipstick from the Crystal Gloss lipsticks, I am the same about lippy as foundation I don't like anything too heavy, and I love a bit of sparkle so I was drawn to these. They are suppose to be shimmering colours with light reflecting particular, which I assume they mean the glitter in it, and they come in 9 shades. Mine is in Latte Crystal, which on the Collection 2000
website is the darkest shade, but these are not highly pigmented as you can see below. Oddly as it is called Latte, the shade is actually a bit more of a wine/plum/brown colour on my lips.

I don't normally wear dark colours at all but I really have been trying to find some I would wear, and for me this is dark but I like it on. Also as it has a glossier finish I am much happier using it, it really feels nice on and moisturises my lips a bit to. It is a bit sparkly on which I know is not to everyone tastes, but i would buy this again as it was £2.49 but I have to say I did not like any of the other shades. Also the packaging is quite alright on this lipstick, you wouldn't think it was from Collection 2000 at all, so another bonus.

Third up was a blusher, which I totally do not need at all I currently use Benetint but sometimes I like to use a blusher but i currently have 3 others to use! But I liked the colour of this one which is no4 Trouble (crap name), which is a lovely shade.
As it wasn't as pink as the other blusher I own I thought it would make a nice addition to my collection for £2.99 and it is more of a warming tone on, prefect for winter! But as with the foundation the packaging is not great and it is a bit small for a blusher, I've got eye shadows bigger!

What are your feeling on Collection 2000, do you use it? or are you a bit put off by all the products getting used in store? If you use any products let us know your thoughts?


ShimmerDreamz (Cassie) said...

If you want a nice blush that's not as expensive as Mac, I would suggest Sleek or Boots No7 (with the £5 voucher).

I've been buying tons of pinks for the winter and find they're quite pigmented to use.

However, i gave into temptation and got Mac's Tartan Tale Her Blooming Cheek blusher and its pigmentation just blew me out of the window!

How pale are you? I had trouble last year buying foundation, because the palest colour on the brands I wanted still gave me a orange tan-ish colour that I wasn't too impressed with. Now i'm just using sheer tinted moisturiser.

Kirsty T said...

@ShimmerDreamz I am Very pale, most brands don't seem to even stick a shade for us! I am the same as you I tend to use tinted moisteriser

Sara.H said...

Very lovely haul. I mean the lipsticks look beautiful. thanks for sharing.

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