Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Dorothy Perkins up to 30% off....Why not!

So last week Dorothy Perkins had up to 30% off on their website. Now I quite like DP's I find their clothes fit me well and everything washes well from there. So as they had the money off and I have been searching for some Ridng style flat boots I thought I would do a small order (though even with the discount it ended up spending £160). Below is the items I kept from the order.

Now as I was going out I thought I would get mysel the red shoes....which I LOVE! They were reduced to £25.60 (now are £32, thought they do have a lower pair for £25). I wore these on Saturday and they were great you can see OOTN here. They are such a lovely darker shade of red and I really like the suedette finish at the moment.

I also got myself some new gloves as I had an incident involving my purple suede pair and some of my little ones baby wipes in my bag :( I couldn't save them. When I saw these I thought they looked sooooo cute with the red bow. I got them for £4.80 and now they are back to £6. They are not as warm as my suede ones but they look good on.

I also thought seen as I was ordering some stuff I'll get some jewellery as well so I got the black ring or £6.50 (now £9.50) and the Crystal Rhinestone Earrings for £5.95 (now £8.50). These will be handy over the Christmas period, though I already own a lot of jewellery. Now the other earring didn't actually come with this order I had picked them up from Select for £2.50, I'm still not sure of them in but I liked them in the shop, so I'll see how I go!

As you can see I didn't keep the two boots I ordered so the search goes on....

Are you a DP fan?


Sarah@Blusherobsession said...

i love dp jewellery, those earrings are looooveelly

All Made Up said...

I've only started shopping in DP over the last year or so and I love it more n more every time I do! I think they do LOADS of great basics like shirts, jeans and long sleeved tops at great prices :)

Gorgeous shoes! I imagine you'll get lots of wear out of those over the Christmas period. Love the gloves too - I've been wearing embarrassingly scruffy black ones that I got from Primark about 3 years ago; not a great look ♥

Kirsty T said...

Thanks for comments :)

Sarah@Blusherobsession - I love dp jewellery, they have such a good choice! I love their shoes as well

All Made Up - Totally agree about the basic, they have such a good range! I love my gloves and shoes. And they were such a good price

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