Saturday, 13 November 2010

Clinique 3 Step System - No thank you!!!

I was recently sent through a trial size 3 Step System to try. Now I have used this before, about 5 years ago when I was at University and I didn't like it. The first time round I'd picked it up, as my sister K swore by it - however it was mainly the clarifying lotion that she loved and still uses it (although she's not found that it's been doing the same job since she had my niece). I actually had the facial soap and not the face wash, the first time and it was not good for my skin at all!!! I also found that the clarifying lotion was too harsh and the moisturiser did nothing for me and if anything it made me skin drier.

But anyway I thought I'd give it another go. I was sent the facial wash this time, with clarifying lotion number 2 and the dramatically different moisturising lotion. Now before I continue I would add I did give this a good go for a week...

OMG it wrecked my skin again and I'm not really sure which bit of the 3 steps was the main culprit. I'd probably go with the whole system!!!

Firstly the facial wash didn't seem to remove all my makeup and made all my face very tight. As I still had a lot of makeup left on (and I hardly wear much on a day to day basis), I had to go over with quite a bit of the clarifying lotion to make sure all my makeup was off before bed. Finally the moisturiser was just awful :( My skin dried up and broke out at the same time, which I can honestly say was delightful! It actually got so dry on the side of my nose it looked like it was starting to crack slightly. That's when I stopped!

Just don't know what it is for me with Clinique but I just haven't really enjoyed anything I've used from there! So I can't even say I have a love/hate relationship, I just don't like it!

Now to be fair I know some people swear by the 3 Step System and a lot of Cliniques range, but it just doesn't work for me and that's life with some brands - what works for some doesn't work for others.

For example, my mum has recently been using the stuff and loves it!

She's went to the Clinique counter in Boots to have her makeup done and then purchased a few bits for my sister's wedding, including the Even Better Foundation. She also received a free gift (even though one of the purchases should have been face care, she was still given the bonus offer) - she got the usual lovely make-up bag with 5/6 free gifts - the mascara (which is ok, but she would never buy), Lip Gloss - ok!!, but nothing special and a few other bits. But one of the free gifts was a 15ml (which is quite big, considering it was free) Superdefence Moisturiser and she love's it! Only problem for her is the price - it's more than she's really willing to pay for an everyday moisturiser (she's putting it on her xmas list though).

She also uses the clarifying lotion in number 2, which seems to work for her and does help if she's having problem skin. She's kind of made up her own 3 step system with some of their other products!

So even though the products realllllly don't work for me, they do work for others and you know what, since I'm been blogging I've really found Clinique to be one of these brands where its a bit hit or miss.


London's-beauty said...

awvsorry that it didnt work. i didnt like it, but my sis does.

Lauren Baker said...

I hear a lot of bad things about this system! What a shame.

Nic @ The War Paint Guru said...

I feel the same about clinique skincare! i think it's totally overrated! I feel like the products as keep "own brand" type stuff with a reedic price tag. The clarifying lotion is basically pure alcohol! I found it so so so drying and can't believe it would work for anyone! Also tried the liquid soup and found it drying and didn't remove my make up! I honestly would say Aldis own range of skincare is above and beyond the quality of clinique and has tiny tiny prices! xxx

Monika said...

I feel exactly the same about those products! Last year I thought I'll treat my skin (as I'm getting closer to 30) and after payday I got the 'liquid soap' and 'fortifying lotion', didn't get the step 3 as I already had a different moisturiser at home. Oh dear...Expensive disasters in the bottles that smells like pure alcohol... Just after first use it made my skin really tight, dry and red :( plus as you said, it did not remove make up so I had to use other make up remover first. After few days I had to stop using the products and gave them away at work... I'm so sorry they didn't work for you either :(

nicoletta said...

Hey hun, i use to work for clinique and found that people either loved or hated the 3 step system. In clinique defense the clarifying lotion is not pure alcohol but it does contain a small amount of salysilic acid which helps with exfoliating. The problem is usually people use too much of it and then it can irritate the skin.
In fact you should only wipe once over the face and not go over the same area at all.

Having said all that i don't use the products myself now but i know many many people who swear by it. xx

LatBeautyAddict said...

Thanks for the comments girls. Just not going to try stuff from there again - always disappointing for me! But works for some


Ms Bubu said...

I like their makeup but i have to say I have tried the three steps once (trial size) and was not impress.

I my opinion, I reaaly hate Clarins, the way you dont like Clinique. Everyone loves Clarins, but I think it is pricey for what is is!

Kat O said...

I've used all of these at different times, but never all together. The toner is definitely too astringent, and the moisturiser is nothing spesh and not worth the ££! Sorry to hear you had such a bad reaction to it all :(
Kat x
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*Daisy Loves.. said...

I think im one of the few that this actually works for! I cant believe that one product has such a love/hate following! x

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