Thursday, 25 November 2010

Glitter OTT Nails

I got Look Magazine on tuesday and noticed these Nails by Julian Macdonald, they are for his Star by Julian Macdonald range at Debenahms, and he has started to do a beauty line as well now see more here. This red set is £8 and there is some other colours and patterns available online.

I want these sooooo much and think they are gorgeous!

I absolutley love nail varnish that is sparkly but after spotting these I realised I don't have any nail varnishes that are just glitter (I was devastated). So I have started to have a look round so I can get some in for Christmas!

The first place I started was Model's Own as I know they do glitter varnishes, you can see the range they have here. These are £5 and come in 14 shades, they alos currently have a gift set available in their Christmas gifts which has Scarlett Sparkle (red), Magenta Devine (pink), Mixed Up (black), Juicy Jules(silverish), Emerald City (green) and Disco Mix (violet) for £20. I am very tempted by this set.

I then went to see what Barry M have, you can see here. Now for £2.99 I do like Barry M nail varnish and they seem to have a OK choice of colours, 10 in total. I think my favourite from here would be the Red, Blue, Green, Lavender Hexograms and Once Upon a Time. But I just want to see swatches of all these first I think, so I will have to have a look.

OPI seem to have some glitter polish I especially like the glitters in the Burlesque range, I really like Show it & Glow it. I would also love to try and get Absoloutley Alice and Mad as a Hatter from the Alice in Wonderland range but I am not sure if I will still be able to find these :( . Though I am not sure whether I want to pay the OPI sort of price considering how often I would use it! Finally Stargazer also seems to do some glitter polish but it is quite hard too see the colours on their website.

If anyone can suggest any to try that would be great! Also if anyone has any link to see some swatches Of any glitter polishes I would be grateful?


Jo said...

The Barry M red glitter one is full on glitter! Perfect for Christmas. I tend not to wear glitter nail polish though, as its a bitch to get off. I use the tin foil method, but thats still an effort ha.


Kirsty T said...

Thanks Jo that's we I am tempted to just get the false ones from debenhams

*Zoe* said...

I did a NOTD with OPI SParkle-icious the other week.

It's from the Burlesque collection and it's adorable!
Zoe x

Kirsty T said...

Thanks for that zoe

Lauren said...

I twitpic-ed the red Barry m last week. I love it soooo much! xxx

Marie said...


OPI is a good brand.:D

***** Marie *****

Kirsty T said...

thanks for the pic lauren, that looks great!

missy_ellie_uk said...

I also love OPI Sparklicious - China Glaze Ruby Pumps is a gorgeous red glitter, it's glitter in a jelly base so no quite as bad to remove as some of them can be. My swatch of it is crap - here's a better one

Kirsty T said...

Thanks you so much missy_ellie_uk

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