Monday, 8 November 2010

Lip Balm Love!!!

Firstly I apologise for the photos in today's post, I broke my camera on Honeymoon in Sept and these are just off my iphone.
I have found a new love in my life and it is Vaseline Lip Therapy in Cocoa Butter!!! I have currently brought myself the stick version but I know I'll end up getting the pocket size tin as well. I got mine from Superdrug for £1.99.

This has a nice smell and I always like Vaseline as it doesn't taste funny (if you end up licking a bit off you lips). I have been using it for 24hrs and its already working miracles on my lips, (I get very dry/chapped lips) .I love the Lip Therapy range which now include Original, Aloe Vera, Cocoa Butter and Rosy Lips. I don't currently own the Rosy Lips but I do keep meaning to get one!

As I was showing you this one I thought I'd mention some other favs that I have. I do have a problem with lip balms and will usually have a good two on me at all times. When it came to doing this post I couldn't find some of them to photograph as I didn't want to go through all my bags! So these are the ones I did manage to find.

Vaseline Lip Therapy with Aloe Vera: I do quite like this but sometimes the tin versions are a bit messy when you are out and about! Also I am not as keen on the scent of this version either. But it does help my dry lips so this lives in my bedside table.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream: I got this off ebay and mainly only use it for my lips. I will put it on to go to bed and the next morning they'll feel great. I like the smell of this but again its not practical when I'm out and about, but you don't have to use much at all so this pot will last me ages.

Elemis Lip Revive: I got this 5ml tester off L, it contains Olive and Beeswax, it is also petroleum-free. It has a peppermint smell which I do quite like in a lip balm. I have only tried this a couple of times but I've still not made my mind up on it yet, but I will keep going.

Burt's Bees: Now I have 3 versions of this at the moment Original Beeswax lip Balm which has a minty aroma, Honey Lip Balm, Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil. Now I think the honey version works best for me but I do find the smell a bit overpowering of honey, again these live in my bedside table and handbags. Burt's Bees have now got even more flavours lip balms which you can see here and now have shimmers and glosses which you can see here.
Rose & Co Apothecary: This is the Rose Petal Salve which I love, you don't have to just use on lips either it will help dry patches and rough skin. It retails at roughly £5 and has a lovely aroma, I have to admit however that I do mainly use it on my lips, as it gives a gorgeous sheen. This is a handbag salve for me, though I don't always like them in a tin (messy fingers) I like the scent and how my lips look with it on.
Yes to Carrots: I mentioned these here the other day for you.

Lip Balms are one of my winter essentials, I can't be without one ever! Let me know if you recommend anymore to try or to just add to me collection?


LatBeautyAddict said...

I'd have to add to this that I love both the Body Shop's lip blams and butters.


Lucie said...

Ah you must get the rosy lip one, It's been my saviour this Autumn! Stops my lips from cracking and gives a pretty pink hint! xx

Nic @ The War Paint Guru said...

My fave lipbalm is Blistex at the mo! xx

Kirsty T said...

Thanks for comment
@lucie will get the rosy lips
@nic I do love blistex as well it is very good

Marisa said...

Have you tried the Nivea ones? they are the best!!

Kirsty T said...

@marisa I have tried nives hobby has nicked that at the moment, but it's another I will end up buying again

une tasse said...

The only lipbalm I have remained faithful to is Carmex but I also really like Blistex ones.

Karla said...

I have loads of lip balms but never really use them until this last week when the really crappy weather has completely dried out my lips. So instead of using what I had I bought 2 more! I got the vaseline cocoa butter tin and the burts bees acai berry lip balm and love them both! xx

behindtheshoes said...

I am keen to try the coca butter lip therapy. I don't really have a favourite lip balm at present.

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