Sunday, 2 June 2013

Sunshine, BBQ's and Garden Gnomes

Don't know about the rest of you but we've had a lovely sunny weekend in North Wales (although a little windy and chilly at times).  As usual as soon as the sun makes an appearance we're straight out in the garden and planning a BBQ.  

In previous posts you'll see that we only moved into our new home at the end of August 2012, with everything that needed to doing in the house we've only just been able to start in the garden over the last few weeks and it's needed an awful lot of work.  But it's starting to look fantastic and we're been picking up some garden furniture and some decorative bits, which leads me nicely on to this little beauty I picked up in Poundland, who's positioned very nicely guarding my herb garden.

I've actually used a lovely image taken my stepdaughter and you can see up on here instragram.

Finally with the lovely weather looking to continue, me and the hubby are planning a little trip to the beach next weekend to celebrate a two year wedding anniversary.

Hope everyone's had a good one! 

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