Tuesday, 28 June 2011

E.L.F Blushers

I thought I'd share with you my 3 E.L.F Blushers, one of which has become a firm favourite and I've only had it for 3 weeks!

I do quite like shopping on E.L.F, as there prices are super cheap (who doesn't love a bargain), they have a wide range of products and shades and quick delivery. But the downside can be taking a risk on buying items by only seeing online swatches and quality can be hit and miss! I have so far found that the Studio & Natural Radiance blushers, Waterproof Eyeliner Pens, Nail Polishes and Brushers are good. Though sometimes quality within categories can vary, I love one of my mineral lipglossses but when I brought it in another shade I wasn't as impressed with it. As I said its hit or miss!

So onto the 3 blushers I own from E.L.F,
They are Studio Blusher in Fuchsia Fusion, Studio Blusher in Berry Merry and Natural Radiance Blusher in Flushed.

L-R Flushed, Fuchsia Fusion, Berry Merry

These retail at £1.50 for the Natural Radiance Blusher and £3.50 for the Studio Blusher. As you can see instantly the packaging is far better on the Studio Blusher, the packaging on the Natural Radiance Blusher is actually quite difficult to open. I really like have the studio blushers look and they certainly don't look cheap at all!

Next onto the swatches:

Top - Bottom Berry Merry, Fuchsia Fusion and Flushed

All 3 have a shimmer but Fuchsia Fusion does seem to have some chunky sparkle to it as well which I wasn't expecting. I have had Berry Merry since before Christmas and really like it but I fancied something a bit pinker and a lighter shade. When I started looking for swatches of E.L.F blushers I was worried Fuchsia Fusion and Flushed would look similar but as you can see the are totally different. Pink Passion is far more of a cooler shade and Flushed is much warmer on me.

The pigmentation of these is amazing for the price - I have to be sooooo careful with the amount I apply or I can look ridiculous! Out of the three I would rank them in the following order Flushed, Berry Merry and Fuchsia Fusion as my favourite. Considering Flushed is only £1.50 (but it has rubbish packaging) I adore the colour!

I am certainly going to repurchase Flushed and I would like to order the following to try:

-Shy Natural Radiance Blusher
-Coy Natural Radiance Blusher

-Studio Blush and Bronzer Compact (supposedly the Nars Laguna & Orgasm Dupe)

Have you tried any of the Blushers or Bronzers from E.L.F? If you have let me know and link any swatches? Also let me know if you have tried any of the Mineral Blushers from E.L.F.



Catherine said...

I like the Studio blushes too, my Pink Passion doesn't have any glitter in though. Latest buy was Tickled Pink which is a lovely subtle pink :-) x

Catherine said...
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Kat @ Cherries In The Snow Beauty Blog said...

I'm amazed by the quality of E.L.F every time I purchase something from their website, it's so cheap and the products are wonderful!

Ashley Tiernan said...

I love the studio blushes. I have Pink Passion to and it doesn't have any glitter in it. Its a matte blush. Yours looks like Fuchsia Fusion. Sorry not trying to be like saying your wrong but just wanting to show you.:)
If you have a look at my blog post on Pink Passion


Savannah said...

Definitely order the blusher and bronzer duo, it's great!
I love Pink Passion blush, I use it all the time(:


LatBeautyAddict said...

@catherine and @ahsley - K will double check when she gets in tonight


Vintage Makeup said...

Pink Passions looks so gorgeous! I've heard good things about the bronzer/blush duo :)

Anonymous said...

I have Candid Coral and Desert Rose and they are gorgeous

Kirsti x said...

Ooo liking the look of Pink Passions :)


KatBeautyAddict said...

Thanks for the comments!

Thanks to Ashley and Catharine I realised I am mistaken. Pink passion is actually Fuchsia Fusion, I thought I'd taken that out but instead I took Pink Passion out. That would explain the glitter that I was expecting!

Sorry guys for getting mixed up...I'm quite harassed and busy at the moment!

G A B Y said...

Fuchsia Fusion looks lovely (:

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