Saturday, 25 June 2011

17 Miami Pop and a Freebie

17 have launched their new Summer collection called Miami Pop, though its a shame that the weather has gone a bit rubbish!! With the launch of the new collection 17 are also running an offer that if you buy 2 items from the 17 range you get a free gift containing 2 nail polishes, a nail file and some nail art stickers. So not to miss out I took a look at the new range and decided to grab 2 items so I could get the free gift.

First I'll show you the gift,

It comes in a lovely little gift bag and everything was wrapped up neat in the tissue paper. The nails polishes are a red and a pink, I applied two coats for the swatches the pink could have done with another coat really! Neither are bad though considering they are free. I am not sure I will use anything else from the gift set, definitely aimed for 17's teenage customers!

Out of the two the pink is my favourite as it is much more wearable for my skin tone.

To be able to get this gift I got myself the new Miami Pop Bronzer and 17 Summer nail polish in Palm Beach. The bronzer is £4.99 and comes in the very brighter packaging for this range. Its a marble baked design of two golden shades.

I have to say it actually looks quite garish in the packaging when I opened it up at home. It is also very shimmery, you would need to apply it quite sparingly as it may look at bit over the top! I think you can see that from the swatch above, I just don't feel it suits my fair skin it would be much better for a darker skin tone! I actually wished I 'd got the lipgloss instead.

I also picked up a nail polish, there was a choice of two Down Town (a juicy bright orange) and Palm Beach ( a bright pink). I settled on Palm beach and I love it, it was £2.99.

Its a such a great pink colour, bright and fun - brilliant for the summer.

Overall I like the fun packaging - though I know many won't as it could be perceived to look cheap and a little tacky. I feel the bronzer is suited to a darker skin tone than mine. But the nail polishes seem like a nice investment for the summer and I would be interested to try the lipgloss.

Have you been tempted by the fun, funky and bright Miami Pop? Let me know what you think of the range! Also send any links of swatches of the other item.



Anonymous said...

Palm Beach is very pretty! You could probably use the bronzer as a highlighter :)

Amy said...

Palm Beach is so pretty! x

Huda Kaake said...

Oh, everything looks amazing! The pink polish is my favorite out of the two as well :)

Vintage Makeup said...

How cute! Love the packaging of everything!

KatBeautyAddict said...

Thanks for the comments!

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