Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Bobby Brown Moisture Rich Foundation

Foundation is not a product I ever really enjoy buying or wearing. Obviously both me and K are pale skinned, so tend to find that most foundation is either too pink and too yellow toned for us. Personally I also suffer from dry skin, and find that most foundation tends to make my nose look dry and flaky.

However this is very close to a HG for me.

I picked it up in 00 Alabaster - the lightest in the range. It's a very close match, but I do sometimes feel as thought it's a little dark for me.

It blends in very well and doesn't make my skin look dry at all - although I would expect this given its name.

It doesn't sit on my skin and look like a mask, which is of course another plus. I want good coverage but I don't want to look as though I'm wearing a mask.

Overall I love the finish that I get, and with a little primer help it tends to last around 8-10 hours. Although it can go a little shiny come late afternoon, but it is a very moisturising foundation so I can't really complain.

Now the downside - it's pricey! It set me back £26.00, which although it's lasted me ages so far I don't think it's really worth it when I'm not too sure about the colour match.

I love everything else about the foundation so really need to find an alternative.

Any recommendations??


Vintage Makeup said...

It looks really lovely on you! I have to agree with the "Foundation is not a product I ever really enjoy buying or wearing." bit. :)

I never really bother with foundation so I don't have any recs, sorry hun!

Joy said...

I like The Body Shop Moisture Foundation - love that it's a in a pump bottle, I find the coverage is good and it's a bargain so I don't feel like I'm wasting it when I just put it on for an hour or so!

I also have Mac Face and Body Foundation but that was hard to get hold of, you can't just pop up the city for that - I had to go out of MK.

I do want to try Estee Lauder's Doublewear foundation though. Wish it came in a pump bottle!

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