Tuesday, 14 June 2011

No7 Cleanse & Care Eye Make-up Remover


As you may remember I did a post back at the beginning of April called the Battle of the Eye Make-up Removers, I mentioned that I hadn't tried the No7 Eye Make-up remover. Well as the No7 £5 off vouchers are back I purchased one to try...I have since gone back to Boots and got another two...oops!
I my previous posts on the eye make-up I had I said that my favourite was the Bourjois one. It was only £4.99, only took a couple of swipes at most to remove my eye make-up and it didn't make my eyes sore, therefore all good. I hadn't got around to repurchasing as I had to use up all the the different ones I had first. Luckily though the No7 voucher was re-released meaning I could pick up the eye make-up remover for a bargain and give it a good go.

This retails at £7.75 for 100ml (£2.75 with voucher a bargain), the bottle is a pump top (I use two to 3 pumps around a cotton pad). This has a nice subtle odour and leaves my eye area nice and soft, and I don't get sore eyes (a problem for me with most removers). It states that it is for all skin types and is hypo-allergenic.

The images that are below show how well it removes eye make-up, I have tested it on an eye liner and masacara then swipes the eye make-up remover over my hand once.

As you can see gthe results are great!

This is definitley on par with the Bourjois one and as I can currently purchase it with the voucher it may now be my go-to eye make-up remover of choice! Have you tried it?

The No7 voucher is valid until the 28th June and you can see our previous posts on No7 for purchasing inspiration here.



Victoria said...

I know what I'll be spending my Boots voucher on! A friend of mine had a sample size of this and she thought it was amazing, but the full size seemed a bit expensive, £2.75 is a bargin. I particularly like the sound of a pump, I have the Botanics 2-part remover at the moment and while it is good, it feels like I'm only using one of the 'parts' as they seperate as soon as you stop shaking and with no space in my bathroom I'm scared of tipping it down the sink :/

Vintage Makeup said...

Thank you for sharing!! :) We do get some boots products here so I'll have to see if we get that one.

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