Friday, 8 April 2011

Battle of the Eye make-up Removers

In the search for the perfect eye make-up remover I ended up with lots of different ones on the go at the moment. They are Johnson's, Botanics Soothing Eye Make-up Remover, Botanics Face Nourishing Eye Make-up Remover, L'Oreal Absolute Eye & Lip make-up remover and lastly Bourjois Express Eye Make-up Remover. So I wanted to give you a run down on each one and show you how they removed my Body Shop Mascara, First up is Botanics Face Nourishing Eye Make-up Remover:
This can be picked up from Boots for roughly £3.99 for 75ml, and a little does seem to go a long way. This is quite a unique product, the product is more like a balm that you massage onto your eyes firsts then you wet with warm water and remove with cotton wool. As you can see from the picture above with the cotton wool it actually removes the Mascara quite well and I don't end up with any morning left over eye make-up residue (its a problem I seem to suffer with blonde eye lashes). It is also very gentle on the my eyes and doesn't leave them sore at all. I would buy this one again especially as it is value for money, though it does take longer to use then a regular eye make-up remover.

Second up is another Botanics purchase its there Soothing Eye Make-up Remover, you can buy this from Boots for £3.05 for 150ml.
This is a two part solution that you need to shake before use and apply/use with cotton wool. This is one of the worst of the bunch for me, I have to use two lots of cotton wool on one eye to get all the make-up off (I don't even wear much eye make-up on weekdays). Though it is cheap I wouldn't repurchase as my eye's feel sore the next morning after applying this as I have to rub my eye's with the cotton wool to ensure my eyes are clean. Third up is Bourjois Express eye Make-up Remover, this retails at roughly £4.99 at Boots and can be found withe the Bourjois make-up in store. This is my absolute favourite of the lot and I will be repurchasing (after I use up my stash). It is a two part formula that you shake together again and apply with cotton wool. This only takes one (maybe two) swipes and all my eye make-up is gone and I don't have sore eyes or morning residue. I feel this gives me everything I need from my eye make-up remover as I feel it also moisturiser the eye area. Next up is Johnsons Gentle eye make-up remover, it retails at Boots for £3.05 for 100ml.
Again this is a two part solution that you shake before use and I apply with cotton wool. Now I picked this up as it states 'Gentle', well i have found nothing gentle about it! My eye are sore and sting a little, and as you can see I have persisted in trying this out but it really doesn't seem to work for me. It just doesn't seem to remove my eye make-up and it does make my eye sting.

Last up is L'Oreal Absolute Eye and lip make-up Remover, this retails at Boots £5.40ml.
I actually picked this one up by mistake I was actually looking for the gentle eye make-up remover that L'Oreal do but ended up with this. Though it removes the make-up really well (the second best of the bunch) its not as gentle as I would like on my eyes, they do feel a bit sore after I use it.

Out of the choice I have at the moment the Bourjois and Botanics Nourishing one are the ones I would repurchase and have enjoyed using. I am determined to use up all of these though even if they make my eyes a bit sore. Another one that I have tried but have not mentioned here is Simple Gentle Eye make-up reomver but after a week of use that went in the bin as it really made my eyes sore. I still want to try No7 and I have a clinique sample to try so I will update you on how I get on with these two as well.

Do you have a favourite? Or any others I should try?



Jo said...

I will have to pick up the Bourjois one. I have a thing for eye make up removers at the mo. The most recent on I bought is the Johnsons one, will I actually bought online and was then shocked when it came and its so tiny!!!

Ms Bubu said...

I like the Biotherm one, but it is expensive. I find that the Garnier Fresh Essentials is similar though and way less expensive!

Out of those yuo have tried, I have the Johnson's one and I agree it doesn't remove that much, you have to rub. I put it on the fact that it is for sensitive eyes, you know, being gentler. But I don't have sensitive eyes, so I haven't experienced the soreness you felt.

Hope you find your holy grail soon!

Georgia said...

I need a makeup remover! I am so stingy I use baby wipes. Not the best.


Vintage Makeup said...

I want the Bourjois one, but I prefer makeup wipes!

Kirsty T said...

Thanks for the comments x I want to try biotherms but I can't justify the price when I quite like the bourjois one

Anonymous said...

Botanics have a lovely mousse that is for sensitive/oily skin and it works really well on make-up. In the slightly more expensive bracket, there is the Dermalogica pre-cleanse which is heavenly!

Anonymous said...

I've always used Lancome Bi-Facil. I can't remember how much it is but it pretty disolves anything!

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