Thursday, 14 April 2011

Sparkly tips - NOTD

Just a quick little NOTD for you! I tend to just where plain nails, I never really dabble with Nail Art of any sorts. But when I received my E.L.F Innocent, see post here, though I love the colour I decided to try and jazz up the colour a little. I used E.L.F on the main nail E.L.F Innocent and Metal Madness on the tips. I really like sparkly tips that Metal Madness has given me in the NOTD.

You can get E.L.F for £1.50 each and can see the range of colours here.

Are you a fan of nail art (even my basic attempt)?




BeauxsMom said...

I think it's a very pretty combo

Enigma said...

I love nail art, and this is really nice. Different but very wearable. :D

Vintage Makeup said...

I love it!

Great combo

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