Tuesday, 15 March 2011

E.L.F NOTD's - Dark Glitter Purple, Innocent, Desert Haze


I mentioned that I had made a massive E.L.F order which you can see here, I have decided to show the haul in separate post as there was far too much for one post!

The nail varnish's I brought in Dark Glitter Purple, Innocent and Desert Haze. E.L.F nail varnish are £1.50 and you can take a look here at what colours are available. I already have some E.L.F nail varnishes now which you can see swatches of some of the:
  • Metal Maddess, Cranberry and Chocolate here.
  • Royal Purple here.
For the swatches below I have used 2 coats for them all. I actually quite like the E.L.F nail polishes especially for the price. Though I have noticed that they do start to separate in my nail box and you need to give them a good shake before I use them, anyone noticed this???

I first decided to pick up Desert Haze as I was hoping it was similar to my Diet Coke Nails Inc London, you can see a swatch of London here.

I do think the two are quite similar though Desert Haze is much lighter, and due to this I ordered one for my mum as well as she loves the colour of Nails Inc London.

I also picked up ELF Innocent as I have been wanting to get some paler and more neutral shades. This has a much pinker tone than Desert Haze, out of these two colours I think Desert Haze will get far ore use but Innocent is a nice addition to my ever growing collection. Last up is Dark Purple Glitter, which is a great shade the image makes it look a tad violet but in the flesh it is a rich purple shade. A small gripe I have with this shade is it was a nightmare to remove from my nails! For the price of these nail varnishes they are good, though they are by far not the best nail varnishes ever. I don't particularly like the odour (its quite strong)and as I mentioned above a couple of mine have separated if not used regularly. But I will be picking more up.

What are you thoughts on ELF nail varnishes? Do you have a favourite shade?



DeBi said...

i like the dark purple glitter more...brightens my skin

G A B Y said...

Thanks for those swatches, they all look lovely x

♥ Stacey's Beauty Blog ♥ said...

I love the look of Desert Haze! I'll pop on over and take a look, thank you x

Marie said...

I don't have a favorite but the Dark Purple Glitter is a nice shade!:D

***** Marie *****

Vintage Makeup said...

I adore Desert Haze!

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