Wednesday, 16 March 2011

ELF Pageant Princess and Fierce & 20% off ELF Mineral Range


How is everyone? I wanted to show you the two extra ELF Mineral lipglosses I ordered after loving my ELF Mineral Lipgloss in Sorority Girl which you can see here.

The two new additions are Pageant Princess and Fierce, again both of these are £3. Pageant Princess is a girly baby pink with a hint on gold shimmer and fierce is coral shade, check out the other shades here.
I am so pleased with Pageant Princess, it has the same texture as Sorority girl and again doesn't have any scent (which I really like). The colour is very wearable and glides on easily.
I love the colour of Fierce except this is not the same texture as Sorority Girl and Pageant Princess, its a tad sticky :( but not as bad as a MAC lipgloss! But I will still use this but I am not as impressed as my other shades.
And also at the moment (not that I am encouraging people spending money at E.L.F) they are running 20% off their Mineral Range on until 12 (midnight). All you need to do is use the code MINERALIZE at the checkout to receive the discount and spend a minimum of £10 on the Mineral Range.
Let us know if you have tried any of these lipglosses! Or your other ELF favourites.


Vintage Makeup said...

I love Pageant Princess!

lady_flower123 said...

This from left is better ;)

Nora Schu said...

Ouuh! Fierce looks so pretty!

When I first saw the little thumbnails on my dashboard they looked like Viva Glam Gaga and Cyndi dupes! They sort of are though, a more wearable lighter "dupe".

The Girlie Blog said...

Beautiful colors. Love ELF!

G A B Y said...

Lovely, especially Pageant Princess x

AKB said...

I haven't tried anything from E.L.F. yet! They don't carry it at any of my local stores and I really prefer to see colors in person. But, with post like this I feel better about buying online. Thanks! XO

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