Sunday, 13 March 2011

Round-up of the Week


This is a bit of a short round-up this week as both L and myself have been a bit mental in work for the last week so we have not been on top of our blog posts. Normal service should resume, though we have a busy couple of months to come especially as L now has less than 3 months till her Wedding!!

This week L has been busy in work as I said but she has also popped to our Mum's in Wales to finalise her wedding details with her Venue. She has also been finishing her wedding stationary for the Big day, she is making her own as I did for my wedding back in September. We are hoping to do a post for you soon showing off of creations!

L has also been doing some more baking, she loves to bake and always does amazing cupcakes!
This week has been rather quiet for me as work has been so busy! But I have next week off (Yay!!), and we are planning on decorating the little ones room (I try to take some pictures once it is done), going to Whipsnade Zoo more for the Hubby as he loves the Otters there (strange but true) and hopefully finding my dress for L's Hen Night, its the 26th march and I still don't have an outfit :(.

This week on the blog:

We hope you all have a great week!


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