Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Some of My Current Favourite Blushers...

Hey, How is everyone? Today's post is on some of my current favourite blushers (all are also recent additions). I used to wear my Benetint most days with a bit of highlighter or bronzer but at the moment I have been more tempted to use powder blusher. So with making this change to my normal makeup I wanted to introduce you to the current ones that I am using. First up is Sleek's blusher is Pomegranate, I have wanted this for so long yet never got around to ordering it offline (I could never get it in my superdrug). But I was fortunate that Welsh Beauty Blog had it for sale on her blog sale so I got it for £3 you can check out the rest of the colours here. This blusher is very pigmented and is such a rich colour, I have to be careful when applying it or I can easily go overboard. Once applied it's a gorgeous shade that has a golden shimmer as well.

Second up is more of a bronzer/highlighter but I love the colour I wanted to show you guys! It's from George at Asda and I picked it up on a recent trip, you can check out the other items I got here. With being very pale this has been giving me the right amount of glow that I need! Third up is a new purchase that I got in my Mini ELF Haul . It's a studio blusher in Merry Berry which retail at £3.50 and you can see here. I was worried that this was similar to the Sleek one but they are quite different. ELF is a lot more plum toned, and not as pigmented as I hoped but it actually works better as it is on my skin tone.

Fourth is my Benefit Bella Bamba Blusher, which retails at £23.50 and you can see more on Bella Bamba here. This is a well pigmented pink/coral shade with a light gold shimmer - prefect for summer! Next up is Collection 2000 Blusher is No4 Trouble which retails at £2.99, as I mentioned in my previous post here this shade is not very pigmented, yet it does have a nice warming tone for my skin and has become a firm fave.

Lastly we have Boots 17 Sweet Kiss from the Spring Collection at 17 this retails at £3.49, you can see my post here on the Spring Collection at 17. This is such a gorgeous pink and again suits my skin tone great! Have you got a current favourite blusher? Any suggestions of new ones to try or look out for?



Lucy said...

These are such beautiful shades. I've been on the look out for a new blush and I'm going shopping today :D May have to pick one of these up :)

Rainbows and Buttons

Emma said...

I picked up a new 17 Blusher on Saturday, considering its so cheap, the colours are quite pigmented. Im gonna give it a wear out to the pub and then review it!

Great post though! :D

Emma x

Nora Schu said...

I want Bella Bamba and don't want it at the same time, I feel like it's a darker version of Coralista?
That 17 blusher looks so pretty!

Vintage Makeup said...

The e.l.f one looks so pretty

Caramella said...

Lovely post thank you for sharing! =)

Kirsty T said...

Thanks for the comments!
@Emma I do love the 17 blusher for the price
@Nora schu I've not tried coralista but I do see your point with it
@vintage makeup the e.l.f blusher is lovely and another bargain at £3.50

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