Thursday, 20 January 2011

Benefit Bella Bamba

So last night me and K, went into London for Benefits launch party for their new boxed powder – Bella Bamba. It’s actually Benefits 9th boxed powder.

We also had an opportunity to play with the new High Shine Lip Glosses as well.

The event was held in Benefits Covent Garden store. When we arrived we were greeted by Champagne cocktails and platters of yummy Sushi. They’d also had a gorgeous looking cake all made up for the event.

After a quick introduction from Jasmine, the Digital Manager for Benefit, we were given a quick demonstration by the lovely Darren on how Benefits brow arching differs from most. The lucky volunteer for the demo was Amrita from 6inch Stilettos.

After this we were on to the main event. Head makeup artist, Lisa then showed us how to use Bella Bamba to its full potential, and explained why it’s been called a 3D powder,

She explained that it has three dimensions of pink which helps to brighten, sculpt & define. The powder is made of pink and shimmering gold undertones, which definitely helps to perks up your skin. We were shown how if you apply a light dusting over your whole face, it really just helps to make you glow in a good way!

Oh and it is highly pigmented, so less is more with this little baby. On the plus side, a little goes a long way.

What I also like is how the design of the bow has also changed – the lid is now attached, so no more messing about and losing/breaking them. They’ve also gone a stuck a mirror in the lid as well – which is always handy. Finally they’ve also changed the shape of the brush, to a slight curve to allow you to apply the powder easy to your face. Overall I love the new packaging.

After the demo, we were given the chance to have our eyebrows waxed and shaped, as well as have our makeup done. Whilst they were playing La Bamba – love it!

I was actually one of the first up (never had my brows waxed before!) and ended up having my brows tinted as well. My brows and lashing as so white, that they’re impossible to see and I’ve never been brave enough to have them tinted before, but decided to just go for it. Managed to persuade K as well.

Here’s us looking like a pair of loons,

I think K’s comment was that we looked like someone from Lazy Town ha ha.

Once they were tinted, I then had them waxed and shaped.

(loving the Bella Bamba in this pic)

What we both liked about the service is that once you have you brows done (which was only 10 mins for tint and 10 for the wax), Benefit will then do all your makeup so you can look normal when leaving the shop – making it a great option for lunch time. K actually found a kindred spirit in her makeup artist – another person who mixes about 4 of 5 different foundations, concealers, and highlighters together to get a good base for they’re makeup J

It was nice to also have a good play with the new glosses, which launched last week. They’re all such gorgeous colours!

They’ve launched 4 new shades:

- nookie nookie (opal glaze)

- nudie-tude (goldspun twist)

- patootie (oyster pink)

- so frisk me (gilded berry)

and brought back 3 old

- life on the A list (bubble gum pink)

- who are you wearing (passion fruit pink)

- kiss you (clear fuchsia)

You can check them all out on Benefits blog -
Hello Gorgeous!

I actually already have Life on the A list and would still say this is my
favourite. It really compliments my complexion. Next up for me would be the Nookie Nookie, this is just the perfect gloss to have in for collection to use over lippies or over foundation on your lips – it gives a lovely natural shine. I actually had this put over Posietint on my lips when they did my makeup – LOVED IT!

K was also drawn to Life on the A list, but she has the same problem with lip products that she has with foundations – layers about 4 or 5 gets the perfect colour and then can’t remember which is which J

Once we were all done, we were given a little bag including the Bella Bamba and some other little treats.

All in all a great evening and we both love the Bella Bamba – so happy we got one to take home J. It’s a gorgeous colour and perfect for our skin tone. It’s easily a powder that will suit most skin colours. It retails for £23.50 and will be available in store from the 29 January 2011, however it’s already available online.


Mybutterfly63 said...

aw it looks like u had a really good night! wish i got to go to things like this.

Ive given u an award on my blog :)


Emily said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time - your brows look beautiful :) Loving the look of the new packaging - it's definitely going to be a step in the right direction for them.

Iuliana said...

I attended the event in the Coven Garden studio. Great presentations from Jasmine and Lisa. Unexpected encounter with Jean & Jane who invited us for tea when in San Francisco - girls, I keep this in mind, don't be surprised when I pop in.

I love the new shape of my eyebrows, gift from super cool stylist Darren and bella bamba touch made my dance of delight.

Great event, suberb organisation, there was even a cool I-Pad in there introducing the blog, I will start checking out the blog regularly.

Boys and girls from Benefit team, you were fantastic, a big hug and congratulations again,

With Love, Elle said...

boy ur workshops in uk are high budget! love the canapes n foodddd!
i got the benefit transparent bag too but the plastic zip came off >.< how do i put it back??

xoxo elle

Kirsty T said...

Thanks for comments x

Christina Marie said...

Loved this post! Sounded like a great event! x

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