Thursday, 6 January 2011

Cosmopolitan for New Look Lookbook and Light Up Gloss

As I've previously said my mum got me some gorgeous presents for Christmas and one of them was a Cosmopolitan Glamour Puss Lookbook and a Light Up Gloss.

My mum knows I love the Frontcover range so thought these would be a great idea. In the lookbook are 3 eyeshadows, a blusher and a lipgloss. As well as a dual ended eyeshadow applicator and lip brush.

Love the three eyeshadows - so my colours.

I haven't swatched the gloss in the pack, as it's very pale but looks good on.

Love the light up gloss its a gorgeous shimmery pink and will be great for a night out.

Been looking at a few different ones for a while, so it was a perfect gift.


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1 comment:

Georgia said...

cute :). I am not a fan of the frontcover range. Too bulky I find. I just like little pots of shadow coz I have to caryr my makeup around with me for fear it all comes off and people see my real face :0 haha.


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