Monday, 24 January 2011

Topshop make-up.....My New Love!!

Well I have found a new love....Topshop make-up. I know I am late on to this but I don't always like ordering make-up off the Internet as I like to see it in person. And I don't tend to go into my Topshop often when shopping with little one and Hubby as my one isn't Pushchair friendly. But now I work in Milton Keynes I have been having a great shop on my lunch break. On one of my lunches last week I popped into Topshop and treated myself to some of their make-up bits.

I got an Eye Kohl in Pewter, Lip Polish in Lavender, Eye Crayon in Stardust and Nail polish in Cloud. The Lip Polishes retail at £6 and come in a little pot with a flip lids with a mirror inside. It is a lovely little pot I am not completely a fan of having to apply with my finger but the tub and colour are soooo pretty I don't mind too much. The Lip polishes also come in Truffle, Poetic, Rhubarb and Iced Coffee (I really like the look of Poetic as well), you can check out Topshop's other lip products here. Lavender is a gorgeous lilac, sparkly shade and isn't too sticky on your lips, I like the idea of wearing its with a grey eye look.

The Eye crayon in Stardust and is a lovely pale pink colour with lots of lovely glitter it in for shading and defining eyes. These retail at £6 and come in another 7 shades Woodland, Lazy Days, Satchel, Black Jack, Midnight, Cosmic and Orb. Stardust is quite pale but as I am very pale I like the colour on me, I was worried about how this would apply (especially the glitter) but it is very smooth and easy to apply. I loved this as soon as I put it on and instantly wanted to get some more colours.....BUT even though I applied mine using my UDPP this creased quite badly :( . I am going to try it again as I really liked it and would love some more colours! Check out the rest of the shades here.

I also picked up an Eye Kohl in Pewter, which retail at £4 and are available in another 6 shades Dragonfly, Juniper, Bolt, Frost, Coal, Petrol. This glides on very easy and is very soft, I love the colour and I have worn everyday since I have got it. And as this was £4 I am off to get Juniper (a deep purple) Bolt (Nay blue), and Petrol (petrol blue).

The last item I got was a nail varnish in Cloud, the nail varnishes are £5 and come in a choice of around 28 shades. I ended up choosing cloud, but it was so hard to choose a colour, you can check out the rest here.

I am so pleased with the nail polish, the handle makes it easy to apply and I used two coats and was happy with the finish. I really want to get some more of these nail polishes as I really liked how this applied and so far I have had this on for 2 days with little tip wear (I am not wearing a top coat).

I now have a big wishlist of other items I want from the range and I would love to try the eyeshadows. Has anyone else tried Topshop make-up? What are your favourites? Any recommedations?


Beauty's Bad Habit said...

I love Topshop cream blush - and I'm not usually a cream blush sorta person! 'Nutmeg' is amazing. Must try their lippies at some point, too :)

Princess Feef said...

they are so cute ,, didnt try them yet tho

Jennifer said...

i want to try topshop makeupp too! TOo bad they aren't available here :(

♥ Sadie ♥ said...

Love the Nail Polish shade!!

Sadie x

Lucy said...

I'd love to try some of their products. The counter in Leeds nearest to me is a mess though. I may have to go in store to test colours then buy online :)

I love the Nail Polish Shade too :)


Rainbows and Buttons

Kirsty T said...

Thanks for the comments, I love the nail polishes and I am going to get some more.

I will also take a look at the cream blush, I didn't look at them!

chris said...

Hi I personally love Topshop so when the make up came out I was eager to try it! I decided on the Lipstick in Romance or Romantic I can't quick remember what it was called! It was a sugary pink and I loveeee it! It is quite strong so you don't have to wear much so it lasts longer! This was sadly from the old collection so you can't buy it anymore. However you may be able to get a sealed one from ebay! I <3 topshop make up! x

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