Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Some Primark (& one sneaky New Look) Treats...

Currently I am suppose to be on a spending ban, or at least cutting back on spending. We are recovering still from Christmas and I have just started a new full-time job so we are now paying out Childcare as well. So I need to cut back a bit for a couple of months to adjust to our changes! Yet I still been shopping.....

But its ok, my Hubby took me! He was really nice this weekend and treated me to a bit of a shop as I needed some new stuff. With losing weight I now have a wardrobe full of stuff that's too big and baggy so I keep trying to pick up some items that will carry me through for a little bit. I knew I wanted a new Jacket/Mac, some more shoe's for work and some tops. I didn't do too bad off my list.

I managed to get the shoes, bag and shirt from Primark and the Mac from New Look.

I adore the shoes they were in the sale for £5 at Primark, I had seen them ages ago and wished I'd got them (we don't have a Primark that close to Milton Keynes). So when I saw them for a fiver I had to have them! I also loved the shirt when I saw it, I need some new tops and though I only managed to get one this will come in handy as its so comfy and just nice to go with my jeans or denim skirt etc. My last item from Primark was the bag for £10, its a cream/natural mock croc patent bag and will be brilliant for work as I can fit loads in it. I also manged to get a ton of knickers from Primark as well, I find their pants are really comfy and cheap!

Then as I couldn't find any coats or jackets I liked in Primark I popped into New Look and found the gorgeous Mac, it was £39.99. I just love it, it is such a nice fit and I love the black pipping and buttons. This is sooooo perfect for me to wear for work, you can get it here.

Did you have a weekend of shopping?



Alex said...

Primark is my absolute favorite store its amazing but sadly i dont have one nearby :(

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Anonymous said...

Great haul! I'm meant to be on a spending ban too but a girls gotta shop! :P xx

Beth said...

Lush!!! Love them all, but think I love the bag the most.

I am MOST jealous that you've been shopping - which Primark did you go to???

Hoping to see those shoes on our night out in a couple of weeks, can't believe they were only a fiver!! xx

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