Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Quick Fix Nail Repair

First a quick warning this is a picture heavy post!

So last night when I was making tea, I managed to snap a corner or my nail. It killed!

Now I've not long stopped biting my nails, so they're not the strongest things yet bless them, but I'm really working on it. So because of where I snapped it - I couldn't face losing half a nail.

Well anyway I remembered that a while back I saw a great post about using a tea bag - yep you read that right a tea bag to fix it, until you it grows out (can't remember which blog sorry!).

So I gave it a go and thought I'd show you the results!

First the broken nail,

The Tools - a tea bag and false nail glue - although I think you could get away with using clear polish. You'll also need a nail file and buffer.

Step 1 - You need to cut a couple of little squares or whatever size you need them to cover the break,

Step 2 - stick the first one on,

and then the second one over the top,

Step 3 - Once both layers have dried, just file and smooth out the layer (it still doesn''t look great at this point)

(n.b. - Thinking about it afterwards I would probably stick a clear top/base coat over the top and smooth that out with a buffer as well, before applying any other polish)

Step 4 - Then apply your polish over the top,

Obviously I wouldn't go without any polish as it looks slightly strange, but I don't mind wearing polish until it grows out and when I want to change my polish I'm just going to make sure it's secure before I re-apply.
Some people have suggested using tissue paper - especially toilet roll, as it will go clear if applied with clear nail polish. However for me this didn't provide any strength to the nail and it still felt as though it would snap. Once I'd completed the above, my nail didn't feel any weakness even when I attempted to bend it slightly.
So I know this isn't the most glamorous post, but I hope it helps! I'm well impressed with the results.


BeautyH2T said...

this happens to my weak nails ALL the time. It is so sore not to mention annoying! thanks for this must try it out xx

Alex said...

great post!

thanks for the tips

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*Zoe* said...

That's brilliant! I'll have to remember that next time I break a nail.
Zoe x
My blog, DiamondSolitaire

samwells87 said...

Haha fabulous. I will have to try this out soon - always happens to me!! xoxo

See the world

Makeup and Macaroons said...

That is seriously handy! Thanks for the post. I'm going to bookmark it because I'm always breaking and chipping my nails so will try it for sure!


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