Saturday, 22 January 2011

£5 off No7 or Ruby & Millie at Boots....Yes Please!

As you are probably aware Boots are running their £5 off No7 or Ruby & Millie until the 30th January, you get one of these vouchers everytime you spend over £5 in store. I end up getting loads of these vouchers and sometime don't end up using them so this time I have actually picked up some new bits (I still have 3 vouchers in my purse as when you spend over £5, even with the voucher you get another one).

I wanted to do a quick post on these vouchers, especially for all you shoppers out there to see if you can made the most of them yet. I had spotted on Makeup Savvy this week a great post on how to make the most of these vouchers, you can check it out here. Fee mentions some of her favourite items to take a look at and gives a guide to the prices and her favourite colour choices. After reading her post I decided that this time I was going to take a proper look at the No7 range (make-up and face care) and get some bargains!

The first item I picked up was No7 Stay Perfect Nail polish in Totally Teal, these retail at £7.00 so with the voucher these are now £2.00 which is great. Totally Teal is a great shade and I had applied two coats, and was happy with the finish. The Stay perfect range should lat chip free for up to 5days, I have had it on two days and so far its going well but I will let you know how I get on.I had never really looked at the No7 nail range but there does seem a great choice of colours so I will be going back for some more I particularly want Salsa, Damson Dream and Pink Grapefruit. There are also Speed Dry Nails which offer a choice of around !5 colours, again these are £7 (so £2 with the voucher), I am tempted by Beanie, Cherry Tang and Queenie. For the discounted price these are well worth a look.

Another item I have picked up is No7 Sheer Temption Lipstick in Sparkle, which retail at £10 (so £5 with the voucher). This is my favourite purchase in ages, it is more like a lip balm than a lipstick. It feels so rich, silky and soft on your lips but gives you an amazing sheer colour........I LOVE it!
I choose Sparkle which has a soft Tangerine shimmer finish which is gorgeous, I love applying the lipstick as my lips feel so moisturised once I have it on. I am going back to get this in some more colours. Online it shows there is 12 shades but I actually thought there was more in store, I particularly fancy Excite or Entice.
Lastly I got a toner from the face care range, mine is Beautifully Balanced Purifying Toner for Oily Combination Skin, this was £8 (so £3 with voucher). So far I have been using this for a week and so far I like it, its not drying my skin out which is a plus for me and most toners do (my skin is oily T-zone, dry and sensitive). I haven't tried many things from the face care range but I will keeping giving this ago and update you with how I get on.
Other items on my wishlist are the Eye make-up remover, some brushes, and Shimmering Lip & Eye Screen SPF30. Have you used this voucher yet? Any recommendation for purchases?


*Zoe* said...

They are both gorgeous colours on you. I do love getting the £5 off vouchers....such an inexpensive treat!
Zoe x
My blog, DiamondSolitaire

Rebecca said...

I've picked up the 'Smoothing and Brightening Eye Base' with a voucher, I haven't tried it yet, and also splashed out on protect and perfect day cream, I already use the night cream. I've never read particularly good reviews on the nail polish so I didn't really look at it, but I may go back as I still have one voucher left..

Asiateloutsourcing TelecomBPO said...

They are both gorgeous colours on you. Keep it up

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