Monday, 31 January 2011

SAG Awards 2011 - Best and Worst

Ok so just some quick pics from last nights SAG Awards.

Overall, we weren't to overly impressed with the outfit choices. Some of them just seemed a bit flat.

But anyway, lets start with the bad first!

Jennifer Lawrence and Jane Lynch,

Both of these are just wrong. Jennifer Lawrence's outfit is far too bright with the black accents and the hair so doesn't work - everything about the look is not appropriate, but she's a newbie on the scene (I think she's in a film called Winter's Bone) so we can let her off a bit. Jane Lynch's dress is just the wrong, colour, material and style for her. She's clearly wanted to go more femine but gets it wrong in this one.

Nicole Kidman,

Obviously this fits into her usual style but just looks a little granny like.

Diane Agron,

The colour of this is nice and it could possible look better on someone else. But I'm not convinced on the hemline, accessorises and makeup choices for this one.

Christina Hendricks,

Some people will love this, but I'm just not sure. After how stunning she looked at the Golden Globes, i just find this a very strange look for her - sort of dinner jacket meets dressing gown.

January Jones,

Ok so the outfit, makeup and hair all work together, but I'm not keen on the shape or pattern of the dress. Once again a let down after the Golden Globes.

The Ok, but not wowed selection,

Natalie Portman,

Ok so she does look lovely in the dress, but once again I'm the same as the Golden Globes, it just doesn't wow. But congrats on another award!

Heather Morris,

This is a very pretty dress, but the colour just doesn't do much. She's kind of ended up looking all one colour. Although I think her hair and makeup looks great.

Lea Michele,

Love the simplified look after the Golden Globes gown. She's really pulled the look off well, but I do feel a bit underwhelmed as she is usually a bit more braver with her choices.

Julie Stiles,

I actually really like the simple look she's gone for here. It really suits her style and a marked improvement from the Golden Globes

Claire Danes,

Love this dress, just not keen on the makeup, hair or the weird decision to wear the belt. It so doesn't add anything to the outfit and if anything it just takes away for it.

Kim Kardashian,

love the colour and detailing really pop on this dress. She looks curvy in all the right places. The weird bedazzled boob though does draw a lot of attention to her top half, but if you've got it flaunt it lol.

The best.

Ok so this list is very small, as like I felt a bit disappointment with the outfits on show - a bit underwhelming.

Tina Fey,

Love the detailing and shape of this dress on her. Really shows off her figure and the colour is perfect for her. I'm not too keen on her hair but it does work for the dress.

And finally best dress of the night for me is Mila Kunis, in Alexander McQueen.

Everything works in this outfit. Love the pattern and the way it sits. Her hair and makeup matches perfectly! She just looks stunning.

Bring on the Oscars now!


Honey said...

Julia styles is my favourite its different i like it xxx

The Girlie Blog said...

I lovely Lea Michelle's dress.

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