Thursday, 6 January 2011

NOTD Accessorize Fudge or Shade 12

Just quickly wanted to show you one of my new favourites - Accessorize polish in Fudge

It's a dark griege shade which I love. My fav polish of last year was Nails Inc London but felt that I wanted something a little darker for winter, so this was perfect.

I found that I got a lovely glossy, streak free finish with just 2 coats! So what more can you ask for.

Accessorize makeup has really become one of my favs.

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Elizabeth said...

I want to buy this purely for the name fudge!!! xx

Sherrie said...

Lovely colour! Reminds me of Beanie by No7. London was my fav polish and I was so silly and never picked up any backups! But I think I may have found a close copy of it! x

Terri said...

i have never tried thier products but this colour looks really nice!

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