Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Posh Brats

Today's post is on Posh Brats who offer All-Natural, Organic, Eco-Palm or Palm Free, Cruelty-Free,SLS-free, Animal Friendly, PETA approved, Handmade Bath and Body Products.

Posh Brats approached us to have a look at their website and to try out some of their range. After a quick look at their site we knew we would love their range. The site design is a dirt if shabby chic retro scrapbook design that is super cute! Posh Brats was created by Brittany De Staedtler who states on their site 'I have always been plagued with really "difficult" sensitive skin. My early years were spent in the realm of professional hair and make-up artistry; in this field I traveled the world and honed my formulas. As a Master Cosmetic Chemist, I have the know-how to make nearly any beauty product but I CHOOSE to do it naturally.
If an ingredient is not from a 'natural' source then it has no place in our products!'

Both myself and L suffer with sensitive skin so were excited to try out the range.

I received Hobbity Milled Soap and I only Date Millionaires Body Creme, L received two other items and she will talk about those in a future post!

Everything arrived packed lovely with cute paper and the packaging looked great in the products. I love companies who make the extra little touches as it makes it such a treat to receive your purchases.

But onto the product...

First up Hobbity Milled Soap, the label is cute and though I don't think the colour of the soap is completely appealing but the smell is!

When I used the soap you do end up with a bit if a mess but is left my hands feeling lovely, and for a handmade soap it lathered up really well.

Here's what they say,

'A blend of freshly turned earth, crunchy fall leaves, toasted spices, honeyed mead and leather.
So all handmade soaps have advantages over commercial soaps. But milk soaps offer even more. All milk contains natural emollients, vitamins and triglycerides that moisturize the skin. People who prefer milk soap claim that it is far less drying and harsh than ordinary soap. For those who have sensitive skin or eczema, milk soap is a godsend.'

It is really lovely and retails for £2.00 which is a good price as it will last a while.

Next up is I only Date Millionaires Body Creme,

Here what they say,

'A very tongue-in-cheek but gorgeous blend of ripe strawberries, raspberries, cherries and watermelon with a touch of pink sugar and bubblegum swirled with hunks of almond cream cupcakes.
This amazingly luxurious creme can be used anywhere on the body. It is 100% natural and formulated to sink into your skin and leave it in fantastic condition. This is completely non-comedogenic and sourced from organic products.'

I love love love this, it's so creamy and the smell is divine! And I love the fun labelling but the little jar is great. It retails at £7.50 which is not that cheap for 200g but considering this is handmade and the philosophy behind the company it's ok.

I have been onto the site o see hat else they offer as I am really keen to give more of this brand a go. I love that they do hair care and bath goodies as these are two areas I struggle with (I tend to use baby bubble bath which does not have fun and exciting smells). But I've noticed they do samples sizes to try which is great so I am going to order a few bits and will let you know how I get on.

Have you tried Posh Brats? Do you have any other handmade beauty companies to recommend?


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