Thursday, 15 December 2011

Next Diamonds

I'd seen Fee from Makeup Savvy comment on this before I really fancied giving it a go. I'm a huge fan of the Next perfumes with Define being one of my favourites.

This is said to smell like Miss Dior Cherie and having given it go and then smelling the original I'd have to agree.

Such a little bargain for £6.99 for 30 ml and fits perfect in your handbag without being big and heavy. Also it's only a bargainous £10 for 75ml


Girlie Blogger said...

I like the bottle. So pretty.

Chloe,x said...

Without fail my auntie gets me next pink each year and I love it, I have miss dior cherie too as a gift from my boyfriend but I think they smell slightly different, but your right I never noticed how similar they are!

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