Monday, 12 December 2011

Today's post is on a Christmas gift from Dirty Works which is available from Sainsbury's. This is the Bathtime Bliss Set which retails at £10.00, you can check out the other products here.

The set come in a barrel and contains your bathtime essentials.

Inside you get All of a Lather Body Wash (200ml), Bare Necessity Body Lotion (300ml), Massive Body Puff and a Do Not Disturb sign.

First off the body puff is amazing...its massive! And the colours are great!

The All of a Lather Body Wash smells lovely and refreshing due to the Lemongrass extract.

The Bare Necessity Body lotion contains Shea Butter, Coca Butter and Vitamin E to help leave your skin lovely and smooth.

Now if your like me my first thought was this looks a lot like Soap & Glory...and it does but this is more affordable. For £10.00 this is a great size gift and would make a lovely pampering set for Christmas. Though they are not the most luxurious products, they are value for money and smell great definately worth a look at Sainsbury's.


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Misseblog said...

I really thought it was S&G haha. They look lovely :) x

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