Wednesday, 28 September 2011

No 7 Ultimate Body and Face Brush

As you maybe aware the No 7 vouchers are back again. These started straight after the previous ones ended on the 11th September and this time they are valid until the 9th October. If you are looking for ideas on what to buy or use it on check out this post.

So in today's post I wanted to feature my favourite No 7 make-up brush, even my mum has it!!!

This is the No 7 Ultimate Body and Face Brush, it retails at £11.00 but with the voucher its a £6. What Boots say,
'No 7 ultimate body and face brush is a super soft and luxurious, multi purpose cosmetic brush.'

I love this brush it is super soft and I use mine to apply my bronzer. It just looks so sleek as well, but I find that with all No 7 beauty products. It perfect to swipe over your face and then over your decolletage.

I just load my brush and swipe across everywhere, it's great.

If you are looking for that perfect face and body brush I would take a look at this little beauty especially if you have a spare voucher.

Have you got any No 7 make-up brushes? Is there any others you'd recommend?


Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Kleenex Skincare

I will say this post is photo heavy.

When I received these products in the post my first thought was Kleenex skincare really? But when I looked into Kleenex a bit more I learnt how they had originally started out at facial tissues. In the 1920's Kleenex tissues were used by women to remove their make-up or to use with cleansing cream. At the time they were seen as revolutionary as you could just dispose of them, thus more hygienic. Now Kleenex have decided to go back to their roots!

The new range will be available in Superdrug from September and in all leading retailers from January 2012. The range consists of 4 products and has used its technology to develop a facial cleansing range that harnesses all the traits synonymous with Kleenex brand, soft, reliable and quality.
I love the clean, simple but practical packaging, also the designs of the masks are super cute. We all need to remove our 'masks' at the end of the day so I like how they have used this on the packaging.

What Kleenex say about the products;

First up the Facial Cloths

What Kleenex say,

'These gentle, quilted, soft sheets made from natural fibres are not only larger but also softer than cotton wool. They are soft and strong when wet or dry so you can use them not only while applying cleanser and toner, but also while removing facemasks and even nail varnish. RRP £1.99 for 30 cloths'

These are super soft and are feel really strong. They are a nice alternative to cotton wool or maybe even muslin cloth to be able to remove cleanser. I also like the handy box they come in. You can wet them and they don't lose any of their strength.

Next up the Eye make-up remover wipes,

What Kleenex say,

'These soft, quilted wipes contain natural fibres to provide a gentle and effective cleanse. They are suitable even for sensitive skin and effectively remove stubborn waterproof mascaras. RRP* £2.99 for 24 wipes'

Again these do feel super soft, and are a great value product. I will need to use them a bit longer to see whether they end up irritating my sensitive eyes. I have found that I have to give my eyes more then one wipe to remove waterproof mascara, though this is the same for my No7 Eye make-up remover.

Next up the facial cleansing wipes,

What Kleenex say,

'These soft, quilted wipes contain natural fibres to provide a gentle and effective cleanse, removing your “mask” at the end of the day. They are suitable even for sensitive skin and the RRP* £2.99 for 24 wipes .'

My mum made a good comment 'they are wet enough', that is true they are actually wet enough to feel like the would remove your make-up and they do. As I have mentioned before I love my Soap & Glory wipes and I am not sure these would replace them just yet. But they are very handy to have and again are a bargain price.

Last up are the Shine Absorbing Sheets,

What Kleenex say,

'An essential for every busy woman’s handbag, the Shine Absorbing Sheets provide an efficient and discreet way of blotting excess shine caused by oil that builds up on your skin during the day. The sheets remove the shine without disturbing your makeup so are fantastic for quick touch-ups to keep you looking immaculate. RRP* £2.99 for 50 sheets'

I have to say I just don't get these, but that's not Kleenex's fault I have never understood blotting sheets. I understand that you use them to remove excess oil without removing make-up. But maybe as excess oil isn't an issue for me I have never found a use for them. But if you were on a night out or even a bride then these might come in handy.

All in all its a good range, especially as Kleenex is a trusted brand and it is affordable. I think my favourite might be the Facial Cloths, as I don't like flannels or muslin clothes (I have to wash them too often), these are more hygienic Also the eye make-up remover wipes would be very handy after a late night!

What do you think? Would you be tempted?

PR samples

Monday, 26 September 2011

Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint


Now I know you guys have seen lots of posts on Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint, but I just wanted to give my opinion on it.
First off as with all Liz Earle products they arrive looking wrapped up lovely and then they have lovely simple packaging. I really like the dark blue packaging. What Liz Earle say about the product;
'The perfect way to enhance your skin. Our rich and creamy, yet lightweight formula leaves all skin types looking naturally dewy, even and radiant. With mineral UV SPF15, it’s enriched with our own blend of natural source vitamin E, borage and avocado, specially selected to work in harmony with our skincare range.'
It is available in 3 shades Bare 01, Beige 02 and Beach 03, and retails at £21.00 for a 40ml tube.

Liz Earle even offer a 'First Time, Right Shade' service, this allows you to get a sample of the Sheer Tint first to make sure you are completely happy with the colour to help reduce waste.

I have shade Bare 01 as it is suits fair and alabaster complexions, from the swatch you can see it looks ok against my skin tone.
But it does end up blending into my colouring alright.
What you can also notice from the swatch is that it looks quite thick. Now when I saw the words 'Sheer' and 'tint' in the name I would have though it was like a tinted moisturiser. That it would feel weightless on my skin and be a very light coverage. The consistency is more like a foundation,. Also the Sheer Tint contains SPF 15, which is great but I as with many products that contain SPF it smells of it. When I have it on I can smell it...which is odd. Once I applied I feel my skin is slightly tacky if not a little greasy. As my skin is combination to dry I do like to have a 'dewy' light foundation but this was a little much for me. I had to apply some powder to certain areas of my skin, which I never do!

Here is me with it on,

I like the shade on me but I am not sure of the feel on my skin or the smell. It is just a bit too greasy and heavy for me.

I know many people will be great fans of this but I hope Liz Earle continue to develop their make-up range and that I will find something else to love.

If you are a fan of Liz Earle check out reviews of other items here.

Have you tried the Liz Earle Sheer skin tint?


Sunday, 25 September 2011

Round-up of the week

It has been quiet week for both myself and L, we are gearing up though for our little sisters birthday next week. We are having a Mad Hatters themed party. Hopefully we will be able to get pictures up in next week's post!

This week on the blog:
- We featured a bargain Pink Blush from Primark.
- FOTD featuring Bobby Brown.
- An Nars Dupe from ELF.
- A lovely Lippie from Dainty Doll by Nicola Roberts.
- NOTD from MAC Purple Majesty.
- ELF Lips Stains in Heartbreaker and Birthday Suit.
- and finally this week's Beauty Blog Link Love.

What have you been up to do this week?

Hope you have a great week.


Saturday, 24 September 2011

Beauty Blog Link Love

Spiced Beauty swatches the hottest colors for Fall from the Make Up For Ever Smoky Couleur Palette.

This peel is amazing and delivers real results. The fact that it has Kelly from Gouldylox Reviews shaving her face is just a strange coincidence.

Couldn't make it to New York Fashion Week? No worries, because Krasey Beauty has the scoop!

Fleurissante brings you the swatches of the new Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet matte lipsticks.

Check out Lauren's New York Makeup Haul.

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Check out Erin's recreation series to get the looks from Fashion Week Spring '12!

Has Nuance by Salma Hayek caught your attention at CVS yet? Read Beauty Info Zone to see about the verdict on the Neutral Eyeshadow Quad.

Just how much sparkle can you load into one lipgloss? Find out about the new Urban Decay Stardust Sparkling Lipglosses over at Makeup Morsels.

At Musing on Beauty, Mariella shows how she made the very bright Nars Outremer eyeshadow work appropriate.

Tracy at Beauty Reflections fights frizz with the new Moroccanoil Frizz Control!

Claire shows a sneak preview of Orly's Christmas 2011 Nail Polish Collection, 'Holiday Soiree' over at The Beauty Scoop!


Miss Beauty Nerd is giving away two long-wearing, super pigmented eyeshadows from L'Oreal's new La Couleur Infallible collection! Are you feeling lucky?

Want to win a MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick of your choice? Be sure to enter Makeup, Beauty and More's giveaway here.

Ladies with Sensitive Skin: Be sure to enter Pammy Blogs Beauty's Lara Beauty: Skincare for Sensitive Skin giveaway!


K & L

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Friday, 23 September 2011

ELF Lip Stains


This post is a bit photo heavy!

These are more items that I got when E.L.F were running their 50%. These are Studio Lip Stains they retails at £3.50 (so I got them for £1.75) and they are available in 8 shades. I decided on Heartbreaker and Birthday Suit.

As we E.L.F studio range they come in sleek black boxes and then sleek packaging. More about them,

'Achieve full coverage that lasts for hours with this long-wear formula. Enjoy silky matte color or layer on the moisturizing clear gloss for a shiny look. With key Vitamins A & E your lips stay smooth all day long.


Apply the Stain to bare lips and allow to dry for a matte finish. Apply the clear gloss on top of the color for a shiny effect and to moisturize the lips if needed. Remove with any oil or cream based makeup remover or cleanser.

Below you have Heartbreaker on the top and Birthday suit on the bottom.

Swatches of Birthday Suit (right) and Heartbreaker (left). I loved the look of both as swatches.

Now on the lips,

Again in the images I love both shades but I am still on sure of them on my lips. Birthday Suit looked brighter on the lips then the image shows.

I couldn't wear them on their own as they are really drying and too matte. Also I would say its not really a satin as it is a lot thicker than a stain maybe more of a longwear lipcolour. When the said stain is applied alone it goes to feel slightly chalky on your lips so you really do need the gloss. Also on its own it shows up unconditioned lips.

When you apply the gloss some of the stain ends up on the gloss applicator which doesn't seem right for a stain, so again is disappointing. As it comes off on the applicator it makes the finish of the stain disappear. Once on with the gloss it didn't last long at all. You could wear the stain alone, though it does look a little strange and it would last loner but as soon as you apply the gloss there is no longevity to it. To me a lipstain should last most of the day, thus it should stain your lips, this does not.

I would not repurchase or try any of the others shades as it does not do what it says on the tin.

Have you tried the E.L.F Studio Lip Stains? What are your thoughts?


Thursday, 22 September 2011

MAC Purple Majesty


I decided to have a nosey at the MAC me Over collection, I haven't been tempted by any of the new collections but thought I would check this one out. L had already purchased herself MAC lipglass in Curvaceous.

I decided to try a nail polish from the range as I have never tried one before...and I am soooo disappointed. My first disappointed came when I realised that it looked a bit like Rimmel Black Cherries. You can see a comparison swatch of the two at the end of the post. Though I did realised that Black Cherries is darker then Purple Majesty. I will discuss my second disappointment below.

Right onto Purple Majesty,
I loved the look of the deep berry colour in the bottle and the bottle looks nice, MAC nail polishes are 10ml and cost £9.00. But application was awful, firstly its a 3 coat polish (I don't mind this in polishes under £5 but not in polishes over £5). Secondly it just kept going everywhere, I am not saying I am perfect at applying nail polish as actually I am rubbish. But my nails have never looked so rubbish after, I normally only have to touch up 1 or 2 nails not my whole hand!

Even after 3 coats it still looked patchy. I am so disappointed and certainly won't looked to purchase any nail polish from MAC. There are much better options available on the highstreet for cheaper and better high end nail polishes. I could just have a bad polish and the others maybe good but I am not willing to take the risk for £9.00.

Here is the comparison of Rimmel Black Cherries (left) and MAC Purple Majesty (right).
I had 2 coats of Black Cherries and 3 coats of Purple Majesty, as you can see Black Cherries is more purple toned. Personally from the swatches I think the names should be the other way round, what do you think? I preferred the application of Black Cherries over Purple Majesty, it applied much better and looked a nicer finish.

Have you tried MAC nail polishes? Do I just have a bad one?

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Dainty Doll

Well I had a a surprise when I popped into Boots whilst visting Bedford the other day. I noticed the stocked Dainty Doll by Nicola Roberts (of Girls Aloud fame).
More about the range;
'Created using the finest quality, skin-loving formulas to help cover, perfect and care for your skin, the Dainty Doll range makes it simple to achieve the ideal shade every time. Featuring catwalk-ready colour that will appeal to all Dainty Dolls, this collection provides everything you need for eyes, lips and cheeks – perfect for even the fairest of them all! Designed by Girls Aloud star Nicola Roberts, the Dainty Doll range cares for your skin while keeping you looking at your very best, even when you’re under the spotlight!

I settled on a lipstick from the range, I choose 005 In His Kiss. The lipstick cost 12.50 and comes in 5 colours. First off I have to say I really like the packaging, the box is supercute and the sleek black lipstick packaging is great.

I absolutly loved the colour when I swiped it in store, its a gorgeous pale pink.
But as you can see it has a gold shimmer to it.Though when swiped you can see that it is very sheer which is right up my street!

It certainly a shade you can swipe and go!

I am really please with the colour and I think the packaging is lovely as well. The price does seem expensive but it has put me off at going back to have a nosey at the rest of the range. My only gripe with the lipstick is the smell...its smells a little odd and slihtly like a cheap lipstick.

If you want to take a look at the range check out Harrods, Look Fantastic and Boots. I think I want to have a proper look at the Blusher (My Girl) and Foundation.

Have you tried anything from Dainty Doll?

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

ELF's Nars Dupe

Now in the Blogging community this has certainly been compared to Nars Limited Edition Orgasm and Laguna, you can see a link to the Nars compact here to see what you think. I mainly got mine as ELF were running a 50% off code and though why not give it a go.

The Compact is just called Blush and Bronzer Compact and normally cost £3.50 but I got mine with the code for £1.75...complete bargain! What ELF say;
'Create a healthy and natural glow all year long. The Blush highlights the cheeks to add a flush of color, while the Bronzer accents and contours cheekbones for beautiful definition. (Blush and Bronze both have a soft shimmer).


Brush on the “bronze” to the hollow of the cheeks for definition and dust around the face line to create a healthy glow. Use the “blush” on the apple of the cheeks to create a subtle healthy glow.

First off I have to say that the packaging is very good on this considering the price. It looks sleek and neat. Inside you have the blusher on the left and the bronzer of the right with a handy mirror.

How gorgeous does the peachy shade look! As you can see both have a slight shimmer to them.

Swatches of both are below.

I really like the blush shade, its certainly something new for my blusher collection and I don't have anything similar. I am not a big user og bronzer but I will attempt to try to use this. You can see the blusher on below.

Sorry for the rubbish picture, I had quickly swiped it on my cheeks so it looks a bit rubbish but I really like it. Its gives such a warm glow. Its not a shade I would have normally gone for but I like it on my skin on a sunny day. But I would not use in the winter as against my Ginger hair I'm not sure it looks right on a winter day.

Have you got this?


Monday, 19 September 2011

FOTD featuring Bobby Brown


Just a quick FOTD today.

This was actually my make-up last Saturday. I had popped along to John Lewis to get colour matched to Bobby Brown Foundation.
Products used,
- Bobby Brown Skin Foundation in Porcelain (0)
- Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair - Under eyes and on blemishes.
- Lily Lolo - Blush Away - around my nose and on blemishes.
- Bobby Brown Blushes in Pink Sugar

- Urban Decay Virgin (Naked Palette) - all over eye.
- E.L.F Eyeliner Pen in Coffee - along top lash.
- The Body Shop mascara in Brown.

- Dainty Doll Lipstick in In His Kiss

I ended up getting a sample of the foundation as I loved it so much. I will do a full post on it soon, though L has previously reviewed the Moisture Rich Foundation in Alabaster.


Primark Bargain Blush

I love a bargain and when I was in Cambridge last Sunday we popped into primark and I noticed this little beauty for a £1.

I think I have seen someone else post about these from Primark but for the life of me I can't sorry! Though it states its a blush its more like a highlighter. Instead of having balls these are hearts...super cute.

You can see a heavy swatch below.

Its a light pink and its more pink then the hearts look in the image on the right. and below is a blended swatch.
Its very subtle and as I'm pale I am really happy with how this comes out...
I think it would work as a subtle highlighter for all skin tones.

I use it exactly like bronzing balls I sweep across my No7 Face and Body Brush and apply too the top of mys cheeks. For a £1 these are a great little buy.

Have you tried anything fro Primark make-up?


Sunday, 18 September 2011

Round up of the week


Hope you have all had a lovely weekend!

I've had a busy old week in work, with a vist to Ireland and an away day with Bowling. Also today is my husbands birthday, so we have spent the day with his family which was lovely.

L has started her new job and is adjusting to the changes that comes with.

Our little sister Hana has also had a productive weekend and ended up getting a curtain rod in her ear.

We are also looking to do a mini giveaway for our facebook followers on our facebook page, if you haven't already checked it our take a look here (Beautifully Addicted To) and 'Like' us.

On the blog this week we have had,

What have you been up to this week?


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