Tuesday, 20 September 2011

ELF's Nars Dupe

Now in the Blogging community this has certainly been compared to Nars Limited Edition Orgasm and Laguna, you can see a link to the Nars compact here to see what you think. I mainly got mine as ELF were running a 50% off code and though why not give it a go.

The Compact is just called Blush and Bronzer Compact and normally cost £3.50 but I got mine with the code for £1.75...complete bargain! What ELF say;
'Create a healthy and natural glow all year long. The Blush highlights the cheeks to add a flush of color, while the Bronzer accents and contours cheekbones for beautiful definition. (Blush and Bronze both have a soft shimmer).


Brush on the “bronze” to the hollow of the cheeks for definition and dust around the face line to create a healthy glow. Use the “blush” on the apple of the cheeks to create a subtle healthy glow.

First off I have to say that the packaging is very good on this considering the price. It looks sleek and neat. Inside you have the blusher on the left and the bronzer of the right with a handy mirror.

How gorgeous does the peachy shade look! As you can see both have a slight shimmer to them.

Swatches of both are below.

I really like the blush shade, its certainly something new for my blusher collection and I don't have anything similar. I am not a big user og bronzer but I will attempt to try to use this. You can see the blusher on below.

Sorry for the rubbish picture, I had quickly swiped it on my cheeks so it looks a bit rubbish but I really like it. Its gives such a warm glow. Its not a shade I would have normally gone for but I like it on my skin on a sunny day. But I would not use in the winter as against my Ginger hair I'm not sure it looks right on a winter day.

Have you got this?



claire said...

I love the blush colour :)

The Girlie Blog said...

No, I haven't got it. But I'd certainly like to. Love the colors.

Charlotte said...

That blusher looks lovely! What a bargain too xx

Sarah @ Beauty Geek said...

I love the look of this, what a great price too!!

Sarah xx

G A B Y said...

I will really have to order from ELF someday, this looks gorgeous!

KatBeautyAddict said...

Thanks for all the comments.

I'm really like my cheek products from ELF I might have to see if there is anything others my collection should have.

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