Tuesday, 6 September 2011

New Room

Just wanted to share some pics of my new room with you. We've not got a lot of room so we've, well I've tried to make it feel like ours.

The flowers is my wedding bouquet and the little bears are my step-daughters initials.

I actually made the Mr & Mrs sign with the paper flowers on for our wedding and my stepdaughter brought us our initials for our wedding gift.

The cute box is full of my wedding bits I've kept and the picture is of my dad, who got me the little R2-D2 - which lights up and makes sounds when you press the front.

Finally the heart string was used on the top table on my wedding day, so we decided to re-use it in the room. Thought it worked well.


rock-or-not said...

So cute!!
Pastels colors are really pleasant to live in!

Kelly said...

Really lovely room. Love the colour and how everything has a special meaning.
Kelly x

Vintage Makeup said...

Really pretty room! :) I love the blue

Sarah @ Beauty Geek said...

This is so cute!

Sarah xx

Kat said...

I love the color! The room looks gorgeous and you put everything together so well. I love how it is meaningful, but in a personal, quiet way.

Kat said...
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