Monday, 5 September 2011

My hair

I will start this post by saying I hate my hair, so much so that I just wear it up most of the time. My natural hair is frizzy and and wavy, so to be able to style it I have to use my straighten which can be a bit of an effort.

As much as I dislike my hair I also hate getting it cut as I never really like what I get done. But this weekend I popped along to have my 5 mouth cut and I was really pleased with the outcome for once.
I really like the length as I can wear it up easily but the hairdresser has made it feel a lot lighter. She layered it and then chopped into when it was dry.

I have still got the length to weigh it done but its shaped better and thinner around the ends.

Hopefully I can actually be bothered to keep the style up and wear it down more often.

Do you enjoy a trip to the hairdressers?


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