Friday, 2 September 2011

Colour Xtreme

I have to admit I'm not that adventurous with Hair colour. With being a redhead it's not that easy to experiment. If you want to go lighter you need to bleach your hair otherwise it can take sometime for any blonde to show you. For example in my teens I had some highlights put in, but it wasn't until the 3 go that you could really notice any difference. It's a lot easy to go darker but I'm never really liked it.

So due to not having the most easy hair to play with I never experimented with any different colour either - these however looked great to have a go with, especially as they just wash out.

Now like I said above I've not adventurous, but my younger sister on the other hand is. She's a natural blonde, but hair has been every colour you could think of.

This was her most recent creation,

Although the colours have now washed out and do so quite quickly,

So as she's not frightened to give things a go, she was more than willing to try them out.

She's tried the colours on one side and she used the black on the other side to darken her roots.

Overall we were impressed with all the colours, but weren't to keen on the black. It's a little tricky to spray them in and we much preferred using the Pink gel, but the colour payoff was good with both types. You need to run a brush over your hair once you've sprayed it in and it can make the hair very brittle otherwise - like you've gone a bit OTT with the hairspray.

And here you go, after a quick Shampoo - all the colours easily wash out.

Lastly, it really does get everywhere when your putting it in.

The gel washes off easily, however the spray is a little more difficult and took a few washes.

I highly recommend you use a towel to cover your shoulders and clothes when using the colours.

Verdict - definitely a lot of fun and a quick and easy way to play with colour without any permanent lasting effect.


rock-or-not said...

It's awesome!!
Looks great on you!

Vintage Makeup said...

I love what your she came up with!

Seems like really fun products. :)

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