Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Lily Lolo Mineral Makeup

So I'm completely in love with mineral makeup at the moment. Love the finish on my skin and I've discovered that its easy to match my skin tone as there is so much colour choice in most brands. One of my favourites is Lily Lolo, not only a great choice of products but also very reasonable.

What I also love about Lily Lolo, is that you can purchase samples of the foundations, blushers, concealers etc for 75p to £1.25. This is definitely the option I took - I'm always a bit unsure about new products, like most people, and it's very hard to judge colours etc without testing them first. The samples come in little plastic sachets, which are great but I did decide to empty them into little pots I already had as I found it easier to use.

Ok so firstly I picked up the following blushers:
  • Clementine
  • Ooh La La
  • Candy Girl - actually loved this one so much I purchased a full size tub along with some other items.

I also purchased a full size version of the
Blush Away - it helps to hide redness, blemishes and dark circles. I can not even begin to start to describe how much I love this! Its AMAZING. It hides all my redness and even works a treat under my eyes. I don't just use this with mineral makeup - I use it with everything.

I actually love all the blushers, which really surprises me as Clementine is quite peachy, but looks gorgeous on. They blend in really well and I NEED full size version of all of them ha ha. I have to admit my favourite is definitely Ooh La La - very wearable colour and looks very natural, very much the pinkest out of the bunch. Oh and really want to try
Rosebud and Rose Apple next - both look gorgeous.

The foundation and concealer are great. I get a very natural, flawless look which is perfect. I also find that mineral makeup gives a full coverage finish but so doesn't give the appearance that it does. The Flawless Silk Finishing powder just sets it all off perfectly. I never look or feel cakey.

Finally the Waikiki Bronzer, once again I have nothing negative to say. I love it! The website has a great selection of bronzers for all skins tones.

I've also got the
Large Super Buffer Brush which is lovely and soft (sorry no picture, I left in work over the weekend so didn't have it to photograph). Now I also have a Bare Mineral Kabuki brush, which sheds like anything - really fed up of it, but this is so much better, just couldn't recommend it more. I've had no shedding since I got it.

Overall - this is a fantastic brand. Its great quality, very reasonable and has wide choice of products and colours.

You so need to check it out especially if you're looking for a lightweight natural look, which doesn't lack coverage.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Round-up of the Week

Hey how is everyone? Hope you are not too effected by the snow. Here's this weeks round up of the week.

L went off to the Aussie Bloggers Market with Giddy Princess and they both had a great time getting there hair done....here's a little photo.
I went to see the lights being turned on in Bletchley, my little girl is two so we thought she would like it! When we ot there it turned out it was Stavros Flatley turning them on and they did their routine topless even though it was soooo cold! (they are currently starring in Dick Whittington at MK Theatre).
Here is what we dicussed and reviewed on the blog this week:

Imitation is the Sincerest form of flattery: K discusses cheaper brands who are doing copies of Soap & Glory and Nails Inc etc

My Fail Safe EOTD: K shows us her everyday/work eye make-up

No7 Stay Perfect Eye Mousse: L shows us her new favourite eye make-up product

Dorothy Perkins up to 30% off...why not!: A quick haul from DP's

NOTD Barbara Daly: A very violet NOTD from K

Glitter OTT Nails: K's getting all christmassy and went looking at glittery nails

Sleek Rose Gold: L giving her take on the 'must have' most raved about blusher

November Favourite: Both of ours Top 5 November Items

And finally our
Giveaway, a little thank you to our followers for us reaching 400! Make sure you read the rules and enter, good luck!

Can't believe its already nearly December the time has flown by! Have you started shopping yet? When are you getting your decorations up? With all this snow it is really starting to feel like Christmas though I still have not seen the Cocoa Cola Advert yet. I like to use this as my marker for the start of Christmas!

Sunday, 28 November 2010


Right we have decided to do a giveaway as we have reached 400 followers on the Blog....Yeah!! We are so happy that so many people have chosen to follow us that we wanted to do a little giveaway. This is only opening to the UK this time, but we will try to do an International one in the New Year!

Here are some of the items you can win! We have based some of them on our November Favourites which you can see here. Sorry the picture is a bit rubbish I am still have issue with my camera.

Accessorize Baked Blusher in Starlet
Rimmel Black Cherries
Collection 2000 Crystal Gloss in Latte Crystal
Boots 17 Mirror Shine Lipstick Beehive
Soft Lips Lip Balm
Burt’s Bee’s Lip Balm
Dove Deodorant Stick
Lush Snow Fairy
Atrixo hand Cream
Naked Hair Masks
St Ives Invigorating Apricot Scrub
2 x Montagne Jeunesses Hair Mask’s in Chocolate Mud Masque and Fudge Sauna

There will also be extra treats as well J

To qualify for the giveaway you need to follow us via GFC and be in the UK. All entries need to leave their contact email address and twitter name (if you have one).

For a chance to have one entry you need to do is leave a comment telling us:

What has been your Favourite November product?

For a Second entry you can follow BOTH of us on twittter and tweet:

I’m Beautifully Addicted to...Giveaways are you? Check out @LatBeautyAddict & @kltaunt 400 follower giveaways at http://bit.ly/gXLXPI

It would also be great if you could 'like' our facebook page!

The Giveaway will close Sunday 12th December at Midnight! And winner will be announced Monday.

Good Luck

Saturday, 27 November 2010

November Favourites

As the two of us are doing the blog we both wanted to add out November favourites so we have both only chosen 5.


So this month’s favourites for me would have to be:
Snow Fairy - how can you not love the pink glittery thing that is Snow Fairy, its smells so sweet and bubblegummy! Obviously with it only coming out for Christmas, it can't help but make you feel Christmassy!! I can honestly say that this is my fav bubble bath - got 3 backups to prove it :), have to admit I'll probably pick up a few more before Christmas as well to stock up.

17 Beehive - Love Love Love this lipstick - you can actually see my full rave about it here. This has become my go to lipstick for work as it’s nice and natural but so moisturising which is key for winter.

SoftLips in French Vanilla - I just happened to find this in Superdrug, and as I'd not seen them both I thought I would give them a go! It was so worth it! It’s really moisturising, smells yummy and has worked wonders on my lips - what more needs to be said here. For a full review have a look here.

Accessorize Baked Blusher in Starlet - OMG love this blush, actually love the whole Accessorize range. Luckily and slightly weirdly, the store nearby where I work had the range out almost a month ago and I've been using the blush nearly everyday since. Colour is gorgeous - love it! Already swatched it here.

Rimmel Black Cherries - Full review here by K - after seeing K's review, just thought the colour was stunning! Love it on and been wearing it for the last 2 weeks!

Special Mentions - I thought I'd just mention a few products that I'm still loving! Obviously my Liz Earle - Cleanse and Polish and Sudocrem (so helping with dry skin and spots!).


My favourites this month are:

Dove Original Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Stick – I know you might laugh at having a deodorant as a fave but this is brilliant for me! Again I started to use it about a month ago as my underarms were getting dry/soar. It really helps to keep me dry and my underarms feel great....thought I do sometime spray an aerosol on as well as I like the freshness it gives you but I like the moisture from the stick.

St Ives Apricot Scrub Blemish Fighting - I got this scrub after seeing Katie review on the Invigorating scrub, I will do a review shortly on the Blemish version! I use it once a week on a Sunday night and I can’t get over the difference adding this to my regime has made to my skin.

Atrixo Enriched Hand Cream (with Camomile) – I love this hand cream, it has a balm sort of feel to it and absorbs lovely. I have been putting it on every night for the last month and I have really noticed a difference! Also I just get mine from Savers and it’s a bargain.

Naked Hair Care – This is mine and L’s new favourite hair care brand, we both love it soooo much and we reviewed it here.

Collection 2000 Crystal Gloss in 9 Latte Crystal – for only £2.49 I love this colour (which isn’t a normal colour choice for me) and you can see me review here. (I feel I am becoming a slave to Collection 2000 at the moment – I really like their stuff)

I also wanted to do a special shout out to some other items Vichy 3in1 Cleanser and Vichy Toner (really clearing my skin up) and Palmers Coco Butter Lip Balm

***Eagled Eye Viewers will notice that L forgot to photograph Black Cherries and I have included it in my pictures***

Friday, 26 November 2010

Sleek Rose Gold

Ok so this is just a quick review of the Sleek Rose Gold.

I’ve suddenly had a huge obsession with blushers and this was a great on to add to the collection. I actually had a lot of difficulty picking this up – couldn’t find it anywhere. Ended up getting at my sisters, after dragging about everywhere looking for it.

It’s a gorgeous colour on, which I hope you can make out in the pictures below.

It blends in really well and the slight gold shimmer to it works wonders as a highlighter! Obviously a great thing as it means one less product to apply. I’ve mainly been using this when I’ve been going out, because it is quick and easy to apply.

Overall, it’s a great product but I wouldn’t say I love it and it definitely won’t be replacing my Accessorizes Blusher or my Benetint anytime soon. It’s just a nice blush for the collection

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Glitter OTT Nails

I got Look Magazine on tuesday and noticed these Nails by Julian Macdonald, they are for his Star by Julian Macdonald range at Debenahms, and he has started to do a beauty line as well now see more here. This red set is £8 and there is some other colours and patterns available online.

I want these sooooo much and think they are gorgeous!

I absolutley love nail varnish that is sparkly but after spotting these I realised I don't have any nail varnishes that are just glitter (I was devastated). So I have started to have a look round so I can get some in for Christmas!

The first place I started was Model's Own as I know they do glitter varnishes, you can see the range they have here. These are £5 and come in 14 shades, they alos currently have a gift set available in their Christmas gifts which has Scarlett Sparkle (red), Magenta Devine (pink), Mixed Up (black), Juicy Jules(silverish), Emerald City (green) and Disco Mix (violet) for £20. I am very tempted by this set.

I then went to see what Barry M have, you can see here. Now for £2.99 I do like Barry M nail varnish and they seem to have a OK choice of colours, 10 in total. I think my favourite from here would be the Red, Blue, Green, Lavender Hexograms and Once Upon a Time. But I just want to see swatches of all these first I think, so I will have to have a look.

OPI seem to have some glitter polish I especially like the glitters in the Burlesque range, I really like Show it & Glow it. I would also love to try and get Absoloutley Alice and Mad as a Hatter from the Alice in Wonderland range but I am not sure if I will still be able to find these :( . Though I am not sure whether I want to pay the OPI sort of price considering how often I would use it! Finally Stargazer also seems to do some glitter polish but it is quite hard too see the colours on their website.

If anyone can suggest any to try that would be great! Also if anyone has any link to see some swatches Of any glitter polishes I would be grateful?

NOTD Barbara Daly Very Violet

Just a quick NOTD for you, this is Barbara Daly in Very Violet. It's such a lovely indigo colour with a hint of tiny purple and blue sparkles! I love how in different light in can look more navy or purple. I also showed this varnish in my Christmas nails post here.

I have applied two coats onto my Nailene False Nails. It's easy too apply though I think this was between £4-£5 and for that money you only get a small bottle. But I will be looking too see what else is available in the range!

Without Flash

With Flash

I just adore these sorts of colours and I am now going to put this on my toe's. It is quite similar to Barry M 292 Navy which I love but the tiny blue glitter really makes this stand out more. And I have noticed I have a MUA from Superdrug for £1 in Shade 1 that is similar with darker tiny sparkles in it!

Have you every tried any of the Barbara Daly nail varnish? What colour are you rocking today?

K x

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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Dorothy Perkins up to 30% off....Why not!

So last week Dorothy Perkins had up to 30% off on their website. Now I quite like DP's I find their clothes fit me well and everything washes well from there. So as they had the money off and I have been searching for some Ridng style flat boots I thought I would do a small order (though even with the discount it ended up spending £160). Below is the items I kept from the order.

Now as I was going out I thought I would get mysel the red shoes....which I LOVE! They were reduced to £25.60 (now are £32, thought they do have a lower pair for £25). I wore these on Saturday and they were great you can see OOTN here. They are such a lovely darker shade of red and I really like the suedette finish at the moment.

I also got myself some new gloves as I had an incident involving my purple suede pair and some of my little ones baby wipes in my bag :( I couldn't save them. When I saw these I thought they looked sooooo cute with the red bow. I got them for £4.80 and now they are back to £6. They are not as warm as my suede ones but they look good on.

I also thought seen as I was ordering some stuff I'll get some jewellery as well so I got the black ring or £6.50 (now £9.50) and the Crystal Rhinestone Earrings for £5.95 (now £8.50). These will be handy over the Christmas period, though I already own a lot of jewellery. Now the other earring didn't actually come with this order I had picked them up from Select for £2.50, I'm still not sure of them in but I liked them in the shop, so I'll see how I go!

As you can see I didn't keep the two boots I ordered so the search goes on....

Are you a DP fan?

No7 Stay Perfect Eye Mousse

Now one of my favourite blogs to read is Makeup Savvy - I love the way Fee sets out her blog and the pictures she takes are just fab! So on one of my many reads, I discovered the No7 Stay Perfect Eye Mousse - her favourite being fudge! Now I'm not usually into the whole cream eye shadow, but because of her great review I was dying to give them ago. So when the Boots £5.00 vouchers were back recently I picked one up.

I went with Pewter in the end as I don't wear many browny colours and wanted a good everyday shade.

In the picture below you can see the mousse blended in on my hand and on my eye.

It has a nice shimmer to it - which isn't over the top so perfect for me! I love the colour on as well. Its just right. I would point out that I haven't used loads on, but I don't tend to wear my eye makeup heavy.
I was a bit concerned that with it being creamy that it may crease during the day, but it held its own really. I've had minimal creasing every time I worn it and I've tried it both with and without primer. And even better - it goes on so quickly!
Overall I love the colour and will definitely be picking up some spares!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

My Fail Safe EOTD

Today is just a quick post on my fail safe, everyday EOTD!


JFR Mint Eye Disguise

Benefit Erase Paste in Fair

Benefit IT Stick

Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion


Too Faced Taupe/Grey/Brown (No name its from my Cupcake Palette)

Ruby & Millie Taupe as highlighter & base shadow

Max factor High Definition Eyeliner Pen in Brown

Collection 2000 Colour Lash Mascara in Brown


Benefit Benetint

Collection 2000 Blusher in 04 Trouble

(On my lips that day was Collection 2000 Crystal Gloss in Latte Crystal 9)

This EOTD has become my eye make-up when I'm in a rush for work as it quick and easy but I like it on.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery....

Firstly I will say this is a little bit of a rant.

I have started looking and buying Christmas presents recently and I know Soap & Glory are already doing a name and shame, see
here. But I was still so surprised at how many of the major stores stock items that are basically copies of major brands, for example Debenhams, BHS, ASDA, Tesco, Sainsbury's and even M&S. Now I understand that there needs to be items for all price ranges but there is no need to ripe off someone else's products just to increase your sales.

What had started this was popping into Sainsbury's the other day and looking at the Christmas gifts they had in store. And I noticed these nail varnishes that were £5, which look very much like Nails Inc.
And when I started looking at the rest of the gifts they had a range that looked like Sanctuary and Soap & Glory. When I think about it you seem to now notice this is far more shops, I know we have the saying 'Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery', but to me they just seem to be using a well known brand to increase their own sales.

Soap & Glory do seem to be hit the hardest by this, everywhere I went seemed to have a range that was similar to them but at half the price.
Now season Soap & glory fans will be able to spot the difference and know the items probably don't work the same. But people obviously are buying them or why else would they stock them. Also I have to say customers like my Nana would buy them thinking they were Soap & Glory etc. I have shown some examples below,

They even use a play on words to name the items just like Soap & Glory.

I used to work in retail Head Office (fashion) and we used to do 'Competitor shops' to see what we weren't stocking or doing at the time. So I know that this goes on everywhere and in all industries, you have to keep up with your competitors. But from a customer perspective I just wish they would stop cashing in on bigger more popular brands to sell inferior products and come up with their own ideas!

And if anything if would be nice to have more of a choice when looking for gifts instead of all these beauty sets looking the same. I am fed up of going shopping and having all the christmas gifts looking the same! It like looking at Boots christmas shop but at cheaper products. The best part of Christmas shopping for me is seeing all the different gift ranges that are around. But everything just seems soooo samey, which I am just getting bored of! I wanted a cheaper option but I would like it to be a diferent choice not an imitation.
Let me know what you think? Are these companies just using good business sense to push and sell their products? Or are they trying to rip customers off?

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Round Up of the Week

Heres the round up of the week.....


I went out last night and thought I would show you what I wore and my make-up! Now don't go out too often anymore as I have a little one and I work a Friday night.

First my FOTN....

Collection 2000 Haul

So I'm not sure if your like me, but when I walk past Collection 2000 I always think it looks cheap and especially in Superdrug everything thing except the testers have been opened and used.....why!!! It's a brand that always takes me back to being at school and just starting to wear make-up....definitely cheap and cheerful......

GOSH - Glamorous Eye Shadow in Grey/Brown

I just wanted to do a quick post on a fave eyeshadow of mine from GOSH, I had picked mine up from Superdrug for £4.99 (I think). The colour I got was 14 Gray Brown Glamorous Shadow.....

17 Mirror Shine On Lipstick in Beehive

Just a quick review of 17 Mirror Shine On Lipstick in Beehive. I've seen this about for a while and I wasn't really sure about it.

In the end I gave up and picked it up, cos I was convinced it would look good on.......

N.Y.C Metro Quartet in Chelsea Chic

Today's post is on an eyeshadow quartet I had picked up in the summer from Superdrug, I had got in it my wedding make-up search......

Weekend Shopping - Accessorize and Aldi

I went back to my mum's in Wales last weekend and wanted to show you some of my purchases!

I have been unable to look or buy and of the Accessorize make-up as my Superdrug in Milton Keynes does not stock the range, the nearest store to me to have the range is Leighton Buzzard.....

Rimmel Moisture Renew in Vintage Pink

I have been on a hunt for a darker shade of lippy at the moment as all I seem to wear are pale colours, for example MAC Plink!, MAC Politely Pink, Bourjois Sweet Kiss Shine or just Models Own lip balm Ballet Pink. So I have wanted to branch out and try some darker colours......

Naked Hair Care

Naked you have indeed come to my rescue! I have to say I have been meaning to try the range for a while as L has been raving about it........

FOTN and my OOTN

I went out last night and thought I would show you what I wore and my make-up! Now don't go out too often anymore as I have a little one and I work a Friday night.

First my FOTN


Avon Shimmer Swirl

Collection 2000 Naturally Radiant Foundation in Vanilla

Benefit Erase paste in Fair

Lily Lolo Blush Away (for red marks)

Benefit Benetint

Collection 2000 Bronzer


Urban Decay Eye Primer

Accessorize Eyeshadow Rock Star Hot Smudge in Back Stage

Eyeko Magic eyeliner with Accessorize palette for eye liner

Famous Shimmer shade 2 eyeshadow as highlighter

Collection 2000 Mascara in Brown


Mac Plink!

My Shoes were from Dorothy Perkins on offer for £25 (currently 30% till tonight), love them!

NOTN was Misguided in Misfits and I applied 2 coats (I'm wearing with False nails)

My finished outfit,

Dress: H&M £12.99

Leggings: Select

Necklace: Accessorize


Saturday, 20 November 2010

Beauty Blog Link Love 20/11/10

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Friday, 19 November 2010

Mini Collection 2000 Haul

So I'm not sure if your like me, but when I walk past Collection 2000 I always think it looks cheap and especially in Superdrug everything thing except the testers have been opened and used.....why!!! It's a brand that always takes me back to being at school and just starting to wear make-up....definitely cheap and cheerful.

Well in Bletchley I have a small Superdrug that when I've been in there it always quiet and for once not everything has been used. So on my way back from Baby Gym with the little one I popped in for a look around and was drawn to the foundation.

Now L and myself both struggle with foundations as we are quite pale. L has recently got herself a Bobby Brown foundation to try in Alabaster and I have been using No7 Lift & Luminate in Alabaster. But it is very hard to find brands that do such a light shade, MAC don't even do one light enough for us :(. But I noticed that they did a Vanilla 01 shade that seems lighter than their Ivory 02, which I can't wear, I look orange. So for £3.99 I though hey why not!

Now as you can see I didn't just get a foundation I ended up with a blusher and a lipstick.

The foundation I got was Naturally Radiant in Vanilla and it was £3.99. I also really struggle with foundation as I really only like a light coverage so I end up just using tinted moisturiser a lot of the time or mixing my foundation with moisturiser. I do love my No7 Lift & Luminate but I do find it a bit heavy on my face. This foundation is suppose to give a light to medium coverage, and leave you skin enriched and illuminated, it has SPF15 and comes in 6 shades. I have taken some pictures on my hand with and without the flash.

I do like it so far as it s light and I like how my skin looks with it on, but I know what I'll end up doing is mixing it with my No7 foundation (I always find I do this), but I will see how I get on! The packaging is nothing to shout home about but for the price I don't mind.

The next item I got was a lipstick from the Crystal Gloss lipsticks, I am the same about lippy as foundation I don't like anything too heavy, and I love a bit of sparkle so I was drawn to these. They are suppose to be shimmering colours with light reflecting particular, which I assume they mean the glitter in it, and they come in 9 shades. Mine is in Latte Crystal, which on the Collection 2000
website is the darkest shade, but these are not highly pigmented as you can see below. Oddly as it is called Latte, the shade is actually a bit more of a wine/plum/brown colour on my lips.

I don't normally wear dark colours at all but I really have been trying to find some I would wear, and for me this is dark but I like it on. Also as it has a glossier finish I am much happier using it, it really feels nice on and moisturises my lips a bit to. It is a bit sparkly on which I know is not to everyone tastes, but i would buy this again as it was £2.49 but I have to say I did not like any of the other shades. Also the packaging is quite alright on this lipstick, you wouldn't think it was from Collection 2000 at all, so another bonus.

Third up was a blusher, which I totally do not need at all I currently use Benetint but sometimes I like to use a blusher but i currently have 3 others to use! But I liked the colour of this one which is no4 Trouble (crap name), which is a lovely shade.
As it wasn't as pink as the other blusher I own I thought it would make a nice addition to my collection for £2.99 and it is more of a warming tone on, prefect for winter! But as with the foundation the packaging is not great and it is a bit small for a blusher, I've got eye shadows bigger!

What are your feeling on Collection 2000, do you use it? or are you a bit put off by all the products getting used in store? If you use any products let us know your thoughts?

GOSH Grey/Brown Glamorous Eye Shadow

I just wanted to do a quick post on a fave eyeshadow of mine from GOSH, I had picked mine up from Superdrug for £4.99 (I think). The colour I got was 14 Gray Brown Glamorous Shadow.
This has become an everyday staple for me at the moment it is very easy to wear. As you can see from the swatch below it is not very dark but has a nice shimmer to the finish. I will quite happily wear it in the day or blended with darker colour at night.

I find the colour very similar to a taupe I like in my Cupcake Too Faced palette see here. So this is a good alternative for me to use as it looks like Too Faced have discontinued the palette. I do like it when you can find cheap dupe for products you like.

I don't think the GOSH product are particularly cheaper in Superdrug, especially compared to some of the brands they stock, but the choice is great, the packaging is also nice on their products.
This is my only purchase from the range but I have been looking at other items, have you tried anything? if so do you have any recommendations.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

17 Mirror Shine On Lipstick in Beehive

Just a quick review of 17 Mirror Shine On Lipstick in Beehive. I've seen this about for a while and I wasn't really sure about it.

In the end I gave up and picked it up, cos I was convinced it would look good on!

I'm glad to say I was right.

It has a lovely pinky/peachy tone to it, which is spot on for me. I'm just not really sure why I haven't picked it up sooner - its perfect.
It goes on with a nice gloss to it and its really moisturising - so doesn't look dry! Just love it.
Here's a pic of it on yesterday from my FOTD.

Its perfect for work and it's definitely working it's way up to one of my everyday favourites.
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