Wednesday, 10 November 2010

George at ASDA Bargain Nail Varnish

This is just a quick post on a bargain I picked up while shopping in ASDA the other day. Now I love to have a nosey round the George clothing, jewellery and shoes in the Milton Keynes store, but I don't normally look at George make-up. It just seems to look like it is aimed at teenagers not someone who's in their late 20's, so it's put me off until now!!

Now what caught my eye was that these nail polishes were only cheap normally £1.50 but currently on offer or a £1.00. The colour choice in the polishes was great but these two caught my eye.

Now I am currently on the hunt for a red polish and there is a future post coming on this! The one I got from George though is No.53 Shock which I have to say I love!!

It is nice deepish red with metallic finish, I used two coats for the swatch and it did go on really easy. Sorry the picture is a bit rubbish I am still using iphone as camera is not fixed yet. I think this shade is actually winning in my hunt for a red as I actually like it on my fingers and not just my toe nails, and for a £1 it is great!

The second colour I got was No.60 Twister, now I got this colour as it said it was a Matt Finish. So far I have not tried a Matt nail polish and I haven't really been tempted yet either but again for the price I thought, why not.

The colour is a great metallic slightly two tone shade and I have used two coats again with this one. I have to say I am disappointed with this one, when I went to do the first coat it started going funny before I had finished, even with a second coat I think it looks messy! The finish was much more Matt then the picture show, as the polish is metallic it looks shiny in the picture. I am going to give this another go but for now I am still not convinced by Matt Finish nail polish.

I am going back to check out some more colours but only in the Nail polishes as I do think some of the rest off the collection looked cheap. Let me know what you think? and if you have tried a Matt polish or any other products from the George range?


" A beauty blogger named Justine " said...

I love the nail polishes too!! My friend really likes tehre cream blush too :) x

Makeup Savvy said...

The red is so beautiful isnt it! Perfect for Christmas :)

Fee x

Kirsty T said...

Thanks for the comments I love the red polish and it's a bargain. Popping to have a look at more colours

The Girlie Blog said...

Beautiful colors, especially the red!

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

Both gorgeous colours. I love the red one!

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