Thursday, 11 November 2010

Update on Collection 2000 Eyeliner Pen

Futher update on eye liner from this morning, my camera is broke at the moment so I can only take pictures with theflash on so it doesn't come out as well in the picture. But I do still have a faint blue make along each eye :(

Well I have just had a nightmare and a half trying to remove my Collection 2000 felt tip eyeliner off my eyes, I reviewed it earlier today. I am now going to sleep with red eyes!

The colour of this was fantastic, it was easy to use and did really last well! But when I came to remove it this evening it wouldn't come off. I used Johnsons eye make-up remover first, then water, then clinique eye make-up remover, water, then simple eye make-up remover, and johnsons baby lotion, but it was still there!

I had to resort to use a damp cotton pad with a bit of Pears soap (it seems to remove everything!) and this finally worked!

Loved most things about the product but seriously you can't dye people skin!


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FunnyFaceBeauty said...

sounds painful. i always wonder about the companies that produce products that last so long and have wondered if they would be hard to get i know.
goodluck to your eyes!

LatBeautyAddict said...

Oh no!! Not good


G said...

Thats awful!

You think companies would find this sort of thing out when testing and fix it. We all want long lasting products but you can't go through this everytime you take it off.

Kirsty T said...

Thanks for the comments I totally agree, my eye is sore this morning and i have just added a pic but it does't show up well.

samwells87 said...

Hey, I used the purple shade they have and found that after using a face wipe it was almost off - then I just used a bit of make up remover on a cotton wool bud - i find the precision really helped and it was off in no time :)

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