Saturday, 13 November 2010

Christmas Party Nails!

Today's post is about Christmas Party nails, I have my first official Christmas night out on the 20th November (I know its early but it's with my Baby Mum's so we were struggling for a date to meet up), we are going for dinner then a bit of a dance. I think I am sorted for my outfit, still not sure about shoes though. There was an accident involving the pair I was going to wear, Hubby throw one of the pair away by accident! But I wanted to show you my short list of nail varnishes for the night. Also I tend to not really keep polish on my nails as a former nail biter I have to wear falsies, so in the reviews I am basing longevity on my toe nails.

The dress I am wearing is black with some lace on the sleeves so I wanted a bit of sparkle or a metallic finish to my nail polish and these are the three I have found from my collection.

After getting married in September I am trying to cut back my spending so would prefer to use something I have. The first one up is a Barbara Daly for Tesco's that I got in the summer now this was either £4 or £5 (see I don't even look at prices properly), and the colour is Very Violet.
I have used 2 coats on the nail and it does go on really well, I wear this on my toes loads and it does last well. It has a very small brush which isn't great when you are trying to apply it. The colour is a lovely deep violet, with hints of blue sparkle/glitter which the picture doesn't pick up very well. I will be wearing this a lot more now we are into winter. As I would quite happily wear this on a day-to-day basis (navy is a particular favourite colour of mine). Now this would work great with a new Collection 2000 eyeliner pen I got from Superdug the other day.

Next is another bargain polish from
E.L.F in Royal Purple for £1.50 I have a couple of these polishes and I have seen some new colours I would like to try. I actually love this colour sooooo much I wore it on my toe's for my wedding (I wore peep toe shoe's)I don't find the brushes great to use on E.L.F nail polish and I need to normally use 3 coats to get a colour I like. Now I find that this lasts really well on my toe's and I currently have it on at the moment.

Lastly I have a nail polish I got free with Cosmo last month from Misguided in Misfit. This is very much a Christmas nail varnish as it is black with gold glitter in it.
I used to 2 coats on the nail and it went on well (but you really do need at least 2 coats for it to look right), in some lights as well it can look a bit khaki on the nails.

I have no idea which I will wear and knowing me I will end up getting another colour! But so far out of the three the I would rank them as

  1. ELF

  2. Barbara Daly

  3. Misguided

I will try to do an NOTN, OOTN and FOTN if I don't hate them when I go out so you can see how it all looked in the end.

Any other suggests would be great, I am really looking for a darkish colour but sparkly or metallic - no MATT.


nicoletta said...

These all look so pretty, i think the SLF is my favourite though it looks so vibrant and shiny xx

Emma said...

i really like them all but i'd have to pick a fave it'd be the ELF one xxx

Beauty Addict said...

I think they all look pretty, but my fave is the black one

Kirsty T said...

Thanks for the comments I think the ELF is winning is a gorgeous colour

Widdlesh said...

That purple is an ELF polish? I NEED that in my life!

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

Love the first one. Its gorgeous!

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