Monday, 15 November 2010

Naked Hair Care

Now this post has been done by the both of us again and it's, K starting you off....

Naked you have indeed come to my rescue! I have to say I have been meaning to try the range for a while as L has been raving about it! I only decided to eventually try them after winning some hair masks through Twitter. As soon as I'd used some of the first mask, I knew I needed to try the rest of their products.

(the hair masks I won through Twitter)

First a little bit about the company and range - they do not use any parabens, SLS and petrochemicals in their products, they are also veggie and vegan friendly. They also state that they only use ingredients from sustainable sources and are community traded. For more on their values see here.

So I took myself off to my small Boots in Bletchley to have a look, I have to say the range is really good and they do cater for all hair types. I choose the Rescue Shampoo and Conditioner, but I now want to get the Detox, Smooth and Shine versions as well. They also do some great hair styling products like a Frizz Fighter and Heat Protection Spray. I managed to buy mine on 2 or £6 at Boots but you can buy the shampoos off the Naked website for £3.99 which I think is good value.

Now just from using the hair mask alone, my hair felt great and smelt lovely, and since starting the shampoo and conditioner it’s only got better. The Rescue range has sweet almond and sunflower extract in it, and I can smell the lovely almond in my hair until I wash it again! It also states that it ‘will work to improve appearance of spilt, snapped or frizzy hair’ which is me. I have already noticed a marked improvement in 2 weeks. My hair has become more manageable, easier to straighten, it feels softer and again it smells gorgeous.

As I have said already, after trying these I’m determined to try more from the hair care range and some of their other ranges as well!
L at Beauty Addicts says:

I just wanted to add that I’ve also got the Rescue Range and it’s AMAZING!! Love the smell and the effect that it has had on my hair.

I’ve also got the Detox Shampoo – I only use it once a week but it’s great to get rid of product build up and leaves my hair superb clean. It’s not something I think you should use regularly because I do think it would possibly strip your hair too much – but it’s a great Detox ha-ha! It contains Peppermint and Sorrel Leaf, which is meant to "expel the build up of toxins and together creating a mildly astringent action to benefit the scalp, leaving hair healthly and refreashed". The peppermint bit is fine but the Sorrel Leaf is a little funky ;) and by now people must know about my issues with strong smelling products. Still I’m sticking with it.

I’ve also picked up the Frizz Fighter Serum – once again just another really good product. I usually use TiGi BedHead serum but this does the same job – well actually a bit better, for less and its Silicone free, veggie and vegan friendly. All round a great product!!

Have you tried anything from Naked? Any recommendations? Both of us are going to try the Bodycare range next!

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G said...

Love Nake Hair Care.

Could do with the Rescue one at the moment. My hair is a mess.

Have you tried the body care range. Love the Shower gel.

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